Friday, October 31, 2014

#Frightfully #FrugalFriday: Make Your Own Boot Cuffs!

Need a project to keep you busy between the Trick or Treaters?  Want to get the boot cuff for cheap?  How about making your own from old sweaters!  So, rummage through the closet and hit the Salvation Army Store ladies!  Find out what days the thrift store offers deals.  My local store has a sale on a different color every day of the week.  So if you want red boot cuffs, go in on red day and get half off the sweater.  Here are the steps I used to make the boot cuffs:

Supplies needed
Old sweater with sleeves
2 yds of Ribbon 1/2" or wider (cut in half one for each leg)
Sewing machine
Fray Check

How To:

  1. Cut the ribbon to 1 yard lengths (2 qty).
  2. Finish edges with Fray check and allow to dry.
  3. Mark the sweater 5" from the bottom hem of the sleeve with a straight line, perpendicular to the side fold of the sleeve.
  4. Fold the one yard length of ribbon in half and center the ribbon on the sleeve below the marked line, closer to the cuff.  Match the fold in the ribbon to the center fold in the sleeve, opposite the underarm sleeve. Pin the ribbon in place along line in several places.  I used three pins for each side of the sleeve.
  5. Place sweater sleeve on the sewing machine with the ribbon side up, and the sweater side down.
  6. Sewing the side closest to the shoulder, start the seam at the underarm seam and go around the sleeve being sure not to stretch the sweater.  Stop at the underarm seam being sure not to catch the ribbon ends.
  7. Stitch a second seam on the other side of the ribbon closest to the cuff.
  8. Carefully cut the sweater sleeve above the ribbon, already sewn on, on the side closest to the shoulder.  Above is my finished sweater cuff.  
Love the boots?  You can find them here for under $80.00 with free ship and returns.  They have a big fit for wearing an extra pair of socks, but not too big that I can't wear my regular size.  And boot sales have started, find more below the knee boots ON SALE to wear with your boot cuffs here.  Here is classic riding boot, another fabulous pair shown with other items ON SALE.  
Try a pair of boot cuffs with these!

Now you can save boot cuffs and splurge on the boots, and if you need to take your shoes off at a friends home, won't they look sweet with that bow?!  Below is the old sweater I got from a scrap booking friend.  Thanks Betty!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

#TrendyTuesday: Holiday Party Looks

Today's Trendy Tuesday, I'm talking about trends for Holiday Party looks. I am starting with a look ON SALE, so if you see something you like above, move fast before it's out of stock.  This look starts with some fabulous jacquard pants ON SALE and available in size 2, 6 & 8 as I write this post.  I have paired them with a Red cardigan by Tory Burch which you can wear year round.   A woman can't go wrong wearing a cardigan, it's an investment piece she will love for years.  Add a fun statement necklace that will have you thinking of nutcrackers, a great red heel and a bit of green at the bracelet.  Find these pieces ON SALE here.  

Along with rich fabrics, holiday trends continue to have sparkle and shine!  Fan's of blue will want to  check out this snowflake dress and blue and white accessories.  The movie Frozen has even influenced this season's Holiday looks!  Find this fabulous look here.  
For the woman who loves leather, check out this edgy faux leather lace look with the colored faux fur she can wear all season!  Find these fabulous pieces here.  

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Celebrating this Sunday: I'm a Certified Marie Claire Master Stylist!

In April of this year I found a job listing on Linked in for an Online Fashion Stylist with Keaton Row.  I did a little research and liked what I discovered and signed up.  Since April I have been working with Keaton Row as a fashion stylist and loving every minute of it.  This last month I qualified to become Certified Marie Claire Master Stylist.

This is a certification by Keaton Row and Marie Claire Magazine that a stylist is qualified to style for a client and styles at a master level.  There is a minimum sales requirement to apply.  Once a KR stylist reaches that sales level, she must create a lookbook with looks inspired by current trends from Marie Claire Magazine.  At the top of this post you can see one look from my application lookbook.  It includes the trendy robe coat and the stacked heel boot.  You can find more looks inspired by Marie Claire Magazines 2014 Fall Winter Trends here.   The lookbook is reviewed by MC and KR and a stylist may be granted the Marie Claire Master Stylist certification if her Lookbook meets the requirements.  I am now Marie Claire certified! 
If you know me well you know my full name is Mary Clare.  Having a Mother named Mary and six sisters named Mary, my sisters and I have always used our middle names.   That is unless Grandmother came to visit.  She always used our full name.  So, I am so excited to have my certification from a fashion magazine, that has my name too!
Now onto the celebration giveaway!  In honor of my new certification I will be giving away a $25.00 gift card to one of the Keaton  Row retailers of your choice.  Here is how to enter:
  1. Sign up as my Keaton Row client here. 
  2. Current clients may request a new lookbook to enter.
  3. Visit my lookbooks and share a comment below on one of your favorite pieces with a link to the lookbook, so I know you actually visited.  Be sure to leave your name, and a method to contact you in your comments.  Please list your email address in a safe manner, ie suesmith at Hotmail dot com is safer than  Please note I will add you to my Friday Bargain email list when you leave a comment, but you can unsubscribe at any time.
  4. Follow me on Twitter @ClareDempsey9.
  5. Follow me on Pinterest.
  6. Follow my blog on Bloglovin, Networked Blog or email subscription.
Winner will be drawn on November 1st, 2014.  Winners of my drawings in the last 6 months cannot be qualified to win.  Thanks again to all my family, friends and clients who have helped me succeed at Keaton Row and become Marie Claire Master Certified!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

#StyleTheSaleSaturday: Holiday Party Looks

It's not often that I buy a complete look from head to toe, but when I do it is often for a formal occasion.  Today I am sharing a chic look for a formal occasion such as an up coming holiday party or wedding and every piece is ON SALE, so you can buy a complete look too!  It starts with a black jumpsuit, perfect for lengthening your look and keeping it slim!  Add on a cut out kimono wrap, some fabulous jewelry by Topshop, a beautiful pair of heels, and a clutch and your ready to dance the night away!  Find all these great looks here.  I love the jumpsuit under $47.00 with FREE ship!  All these pieces are ON SALE and will move quickly, so if you like anything, please shop now!
I also have two looks inspired by an outfit Kate Middleton wore this last Thursday.  If Kate is one of your fashion icons, you will want to take a look at these two looks.  Find them both here.

Friday, October 24, 2014

#FrugalFashionFriday: The Coated Jean, Blouse & Sweater

Happy Friday everyone!  Time for this week's Frugal Fashion Friday!  I take a high end designer look with genuine finishes and offer you a girl on a budget brand name option.  This week I am sharing a coated jean look, which is a big trend in denim this Fall/Winter.  So let's take a look at our high look.  The high end sweater is an alpaca, wool and acrylic blend and designed by Yigal Azrouel and priced at $650.00.  The knit pattern in the collar is fabulous!  This look also includes a silk designer blouse in a snake pattern by Lanvin, the coated jean is J Brand and the fabulous heels are Rag & Bone. 
For the frugal look, the sweater is a cotton acrylic blend and also has a beautiful collar.  The brand name is Chaus and it is priced at $$69.00.  Add the beautiful floral ASTR print blouse ($52.00), the coated jean by Topshop and shoes by Lucky Brand and you can get the girl on a budget look for less then 10% off the designer look! Find both looks here. 
So, here is your chance send me a request for a girl on a budget look and include photos of your high end designer look.  I will check the Keaton Row catalog and try and find you a girl on a budget option.  You can send me a request for a FREE lookbook at any time here.  Just click in the black button in the upper right hand corner labeled Request a Free Lookbook.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#WearItWellWednesday: The Necklace

If you're like me, you might have a small costume jewelry obsession!  Well, maybe I am not obsessed because I do keep my collection small.  It's just that I LOVE costume jewelry and wearing it!  I try to never go out of the house without wearing some piece.  So, for today's Wear It Well Wednesday I am sharing some tips about wearing the necklace well with a button down collar:
  1. Go long!  When wearing a button down collar, a short necklace breaks up the collar and front placket and shortens your look (see photo above).  So, wear a long necklace!
  2. Stretch for Success!  Don't have a long necklace to wear with your look?  Add a bracelet at the back to extend the length of your necklace and tuck the bracelet under the back of your collar. See in the photo below, how I added a silver bracelet at the back of this necklace?  This is also a great money saver and you know I LOVE that! 
  3. Go for contrast!  Wear a necklace that shows up on your clothing. 
  4. Pull the look together with repetition in odd numbers of 3 or 5.  So add other accessories in the same color as the necklace.  This can include your shoe or your handbag!  See how the sand color in the necklace is also in my sweater?
  5. Slightly off center is best for embellished necklace.  A necklace that has a center bead, but looks best with an asymmetrical placement.
Looking for some gift ideas for the women in your life this holiday season?  Why not consider some costume jewelry!  It's something everyone loves and most women don't buy for themselves.  So, if you need a gift idea for your Mother or Grandmother, sister or friend, check out my jewelry gift guide lookbook here. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#TrendyTuesday #TheSweaterDress

Once the weather turns cool and the leaves begin to fall, I am looking for an opportunity to wear the comfy sweater dress.  Today I am sharing some trendy sweater dresses for Fall/Winter 2014.  The big trends are: 
  1. Apres sweater looks, like the dress above. Not sure about pulling off the print?  Add some accessories with one color from the knit pattern.
  2. Mod 1960's look, like this A Line sweater dress with black seam lines (photo below).  Pair it with a red blazer to brighten up your Fall Winter day and add a bit of red in the shoe!  I love this sweater dress for my over 40 figure!  The A line is a sweater dress perfect for the flattering an older figure and not does NOT high light the back side!
  3. And the Classic Plaid sweater dress.  Pair with another classic, the pea coat some great stacked heel boots and a bag with tailored details.  See photo below.  This is another great silhouette for the woman who thinks she can't pull off the body conscious dress, and still wants to wear a sweater dress!
Find all these great sweater dress looks here.  Don't see a sweater dress you like?  Just request a FREE lookbook and let me know what you are looking for and your budget! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

#StyleTheSaleSunday: #Wrap Dress

One of my favorite designers for dresses is Maggy London.  Her dresses always flatter and are well priced.  Today, I am sharing a Style the Sale look with all pieces ON SALE and a Maggy London dress.  I have been obsessing over this asymmetrical wrap and now it's ON SALE.  I love to pair the silver black and red together for a clean chic look.  You can find all the pieces here. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

#FrugalFashionFriday: Real Leather for Less

Well Friday has come and gone this week and I did not get my Frugal Fashion Friday post up in time!  But don't worry, I still found you a frugal option and today I found REAL LEATHER for LESS than the Faux!  I love everything about this look for less, from the tweed moto jacket to the sling back peep toe heels!  So how do you get real leather for less than faux leather?  You get a mixed media dress!  What is mixed media?  It is just a dress with more than one fabric, in this case leather and fabric.  You can find the designer look and the look for less here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#TrendyTuesday: #TheMilitaryBoot

This trendy Tuesday, I am going back to boot trends to talk about how the military boot is trending this Fall Winter!  This season they are pairing it with dresses and skirts as well as jeans!  Here are some of my favorite military boots and looks to go with them!  I started this look with a pretty feminine sweater, a great pair of jeans and my absolute favorite military influence boot by Dolce Vita!  This is going on my Christmas list, if I can wait that long!  You can find it here.

You can also pair the military boot with a dress, like this beautiful dolman sleeve sweater dress by Joie!  I love the fit of this dress to flatter the figure and balance any pair shape!  Add a bit of blue with Kate Spade accessories and your set!  Find this look here.

And you can add the Alpine sweater look and a retro angora sweater to your military boot look, line the one pictured above.  Find this look here.

I hope you will give this timeless investment piece a try this season with me at Keaton Row!  Want more boot looks, check out these posts on The Below The Knee Boot, & The Over the Knee Boot.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

#StyleTheSaleSaturday: Date Night Look

Every woman loves a sale, and we all need a night out!  So, today I am sharing a feminine and flirty look that I styled for Style the Sale Saturday!  I started with a pair of faux leather tuxedo striped leggings.  I love a tuxedo stripe to lengthen a look and slim at the same time!  I added a feminine and flirty top for under $20.00!  And I found a dolman sleeve sweater (under $29.00) you can add on top without worrying about those ruffles!  Add a great suede bootie, Baublebar necklace, a cuff bracelet, and YES, Kate Spade bag ON SALE, and you are set for the night!  Find all these great pieces here.

Friday, October 10, 2014

#FrugalFashionFriday: All About The Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is so fabulous because it flatters every figure!  And no one does the wrap dress better than Dianne von Furstenberg!  But some of us girls are not on Dianne's budget.  So, this week I chose to give you a high low option wrap dress.  Go high and get Dianne's version or get an option under $83.00!  Find both looks here.   Have a designer look you want for less?  Send me a photo, your budget and I will send you a look.  You can request a lookbook at any time from me here at Keaton Row.  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#TrendyTuesday: #WesternWear

There is nothing so appealing as a timeless look that flatters and offers comfort too!  That's why I am loving this Fall Winter Western Wear trend!  Start this look with a blanket inspired cardigan in black grey and raspberry and layer it over a ruffled blouse.  This beautiful ruffled blouse by Free People with give you a feminine look that flatters!  Add the skinny jean and the fabulous wedge heeled sued boot, a fringe bag and the silver cuff an your look is complete!  You could also pair these tops with a skirt!  Find all these items here.
The next look as the blanket poncho.  This item sold out and is back in stock!  Add the classic denim skirt, the black jeans and fringe and silver.  Find the look above here.
For the final look today, check out the plaid shirt dress, boots with tights, silver & turquoise jewelry. And how fabulous is this handbag?   Find the final look here.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

#StyleTheSaleSaturday: Moto Jean Look

Time for Style the Sale Saturday.  And I have to confess there is one item in this look not on sale.  It was just such a fabulous look for a great price that I am using it in the look today!  I love this cocoon sweater and it can be worn over the dolman sleeve top with out crushing the sleeves!  I paired it with these moto skinny coated jeans which are only $54.99, both tops only $34.00 each and the most expensive items are the shoes bag and scarf each under $60.00!  Find the look here.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Time for another Frugal Friday!  Today I am showing you the designer look with genuine leather A line black skirt and a faux black leather skirt look.  On the skirt alone, you can save just over $4900.00!  Save $110.00 on the scarf!  The High priced jacket though is so well priced ON SALE at the moment that everyone way want to consider it at $63.00, and it has a hood (see photo below)!  The lower price sweater is $36.18 but has no hood.  Ever item ships Free and Returns are Free.  Find both looks here.


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