Sunday, March 27, 2016

Finish Your UFO's Challenge 13: Lace

Happy Easter!  This basket was made with a Silhouette file designed by Samantha Walker.  I bought it some time ago and didn't get to cutting it until this weeks challenge and Easter inspired me to get it done.  I would post the link, but I can't figure out how to get to the file unless I am in the Silhouette software.  I plan to fill it with some goodies for my niece.
This week I am continuing with my Finish Your Unfinished Objects Challenge.  And working with the Anniversary theme, the 13th anniversary, this week's extra entry theme is lace.  So work on a UFO that involves lace or paper lace for an extra entry this week. 
To enter this challenge, leave me a comment with your blog post address, or comment in my Facebook UFO challenge group.

Friday, March 25, 2016

How to Get the Perfect Rosette with Peaks and Valleys

My most visited post is the How to Get the Perfect Oval Rosette and this year I am sharing an option for the Rosette with peaks and valleys or a scalloped edge.  I used the Inkadinkado Stamping Gear (find it on Sale at this link) to hold the rosette in place and it's perfect for keeping my peaks from getting squashed!  I love the Cricut Ribbon's & Rosettes Cartridge and wanted to make an oval rosette for an Easter project.  But the Creative Memories oval cutter is too small.  Imagine my delight when I pulled out the INKADINKADO cog and realize it was better!  I love a tool that you can use for more than one application!  Can you see how the peaks fit in the notches in the gear?

The center sentiment was made with Cricut Lacy Labels, and Easter Cartridge using the Cricut Explore print and cut feature.  Below is the photo of an oval rosette inside a Creative Memories oval.  Use the link at the top of the post to get those instructions.    I am going to enter this in the Bitten by the Bug 2 Challenge for the week.  I won last week.  Thanks so much BBTB2!  I thought your followers would love this tip for cutting rosettes with their Cricut, so I am entering again!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Finish Your UFObjects Challenge 12: Silk

This week I am continuing with my Finish Your Unfinished Objects Challenge.  And working with the Anniversary theme, the 12th anniversary, this week's extra entry theme is Silk or any fabric.  So work on a UFO that involves the fabric or silk for an extra entry this week. 
To enter this challenge, leave me a comment with your blog post address, or comment in my Facebook UFO challenge group. Want more info on the card above?  Check it out at this post here

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Letter to Ashish Arora, Cricut Product Development And My Followers

Dear Ashish and Cricut Product Development,

Just a note to let you know that I finally had a chance to use my ipad Cricut Design App and I love it!You and your products are much appreciated!  I have been a loyal Cricut customer since the original Cricut came out and have had as many as five Cricuts (before my Explore).  I hesitated to buy the Explore because, I had several Cricuts I was very happy with and money was tight.  I was also not sure about the power of the first versions of the Cricut Design Space software. So, I waited and thought things had moved far enough this Christmas for me to invest in a new Cricut Explore.  Since January, I have used the Cricut Design Space on my computer only, but today I tried the iPad app and I cannot say enough about how much I love it!  I may never use my Gypsy again (and I love my Gypsy)! 
In my career in fashion, I have had a chance to work with electronic cutters as early as 1989.  These cutters were used in apparel production with industry specific Computer Aided Design software to cut fabric in long lengths and multiple layers.  So, when I saw the original Cricut, I was so excited to use a professional machine at home for my paper crafts!  I have worked with many Computer Aided Design and Computer Illustration software programs, including AutoCAD and cannot get over the quality of the Cricut Design Space App!  It is easy to use and is so intuitive!  I know from my Facebook groups that people have complained that you are moving away from supporting the Gypsy, but if they had a chance to try the app on an iPad I don't think they would miss their Gypsies at all!  The Gypsy is a much slower, cumbersome device than the new app. I also love that I can use my iPad when every computer in the house is in use!  I look forward to using this app at a Crop.
I actually did my master's thesis on computer anxiety and it's relationship with designer's creativity.  Human nature leads many of us to fear the unknown, or change and want to cling to our first experience with Cricut.  Please don't be discouraged by the negative comments, you are on the right track!  I will continue to use and love Cricut products. 
I have yet to try the print and cut and so have not actually filled out a customer survey.  I will fill one out after I try this feature too.  But while I wait, I wanted to let you know, you and your work are appreciated!
To give my blog followers an idea of the quality of the cut, this card is 5 1/2" large, was made by combining the image from the Damask Décor cartridge four times.  I copied and mirrored the motif and then welded it.  After welding, I copied it again and rotated it, 90 degrees.  Using the align tool made this cut accurate and precise!  Creating the card base with the mirror was a breeze! Now if I can just find a glue to live up to the fine detail!  I made this card for a St. Patrick's Day birthday card using the Cricut Design Space app and Damask Décor.  I am entering this card in the Bitten By the Bug 2:  St. Patrick's Day Challenge and St. Patrick's Day Challenge at Cut It Up Blog.  Stamps are CTMH and My Pink Stamper.
If you've been waiting to purchase the Explore because you are unsure of it's quality, I can tell you the it beats my Cameo for fine detail and is more quiet.  The paper loading feature on the Cricut's side guides keeps the mat straight and accurate, while on the Cameo has no guides.  This leads to inaccurate print and cut or reloading and cutting a partial cut paper piece on my Cameo.  The Cricut Design Space software is easier to use and I love the iPad app option!  So much easier for the Crop than bringing a Cameo and a laptop. 

P.S. Please tell product development that I love the elegant designs Cricut is offering (like items via Anna Griffin) and you should offer as many of these options as your "cute" designs!
P.S.S. I miss still miss the message boards.  I know that usage fell off and there were many people spamming the boards.  I loved finding help any time of day or night and all the Cricut friends I made.  The Cricut Facebook groups are just not the same. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Finish Your UFO Challenge #11

This week I am continuing with my Finish Your Unfinished Objects Challenge.  And working with the Anniversary theme, the 11th anniversary, this week's extra entry theme is Turquoise.  So work on a UFO that involves the color turquoise or something with Turquoise for an extra entry this week.
And speaking of Anniversaries, today is our 23rd Wedding Anniversary.  The card I made above is made with Cricut Explore and the Simple Everyday Cards Cartridge.  I added the 23 using a computer font Arial Black.  To make the Anniversary stand out, I added a bit of sparkly pen.  I just layered the 23 under the word Anniversary and inside the center circle of the design motif.  What a great way to customize the Cricut design to fit the anniversary. 
To enter this challenge, leave me a comment with your blog post address, or comment in my Facebook UFO challenge group.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Finish Your UFO's Challenge #10: Team Challenge

This week I am continuing with my Finish Your Unfinished Objects Challenge.  And working with the Anniversary theme, the 10th anniversary, this week's extra entry theme is tin/aluminum.  So work on a UFO that involves metal for an extra entry. 
Since the beginning of 2016 I have volunteered as an assistant basketball coach for my son's basketball league.  While this volunteer job was outside my comfort zone as I know little about basketball, it was important to me because it was important to my son.  The league was short coaches and I believed in volunteering and I believed in the importance of sports for my boys.  So in honor of March Madness, I thought I might share a few lessons learned in basketball to help you finish your UFO's.  One of the important lessons our children get from sports is how to be a valuable part of a team.   Sometimes, our UFO's become unfinished objects because they are team projects and our fellow team mates are unable or unwilling to finish the project on our time table.  So, if you have a UFO that involves more than yourself to finish the project, try the great tips on finishing an unfinished object inspired by March Madness and basketball.
How to Finish a Team Project

1)  Be Prepared-Most of us know what our final goal is for our projects but may not be prepared.  As an example of a team project in may own life, my husband and I have been working on remodeling our kitchen since October of 2015.  We replaced our counter top first.  Our original counter top was laminate and we chose granite to replace it.  We had decided to keep our cabinets, as we love the quality and design and weren't interested in refinishing them.  But once the counters were in we struggled to chose a tile back splash.  To be prepared for pick our back splash, I ordered samples, shopped for samples,  and searched the Internet for photos of tiles in kitchens with similar counter tops and cabinets.  We consulted friends and family.  We took photos of our kitchen and the tile and copied and pasted the small samples into our photos to help us decide.  Below is an example of one of our cut and paste photos made with photos of the kitchen and sample tiles.  Not sure why the hubby took a photo with dirty dishes on the counter!

2)  Learn the fundamentals-Research design principles and current trends to help you decide.  Save photos of things you like that will work with your
3)  If the Plays Aren't Working Readjust the Game-Remodeling the kitchen has been on our to do list for a while, but it simply wasn't in our budget as a one time expense.  So, when our appliance began to fail with age, we began to replace them.  Below you can see a mocked up photo of a tile we tried and determined wasn't working.
4)  Be a Team Player, Be Unselfish-My husband and I tend to have very divergent tastes and this is has led to much inactivity in our decorating and remodeling.  I stayed home for 10 years when my boys were small and remodeling the kitchen was not a priority.  Now that I am working again we discussed adding this back on our to do list.  As a fashion design student, I worked in the same department with many of the interior design students and saw the value of a design board.  My husband struggled to see a finished room from small swatches and wanted to make one decision at a time.  So, I have worked on one small goal for the kitchen project every few months and we are close to the finish!  At the top of this post you can see one of our small steps, the cabinet and drawer pulls.  On the left is the before (brass and white) and on the right is the after (nickel).
5)  Never Give Up-When we were unable to make decisions, I took a small break from trying to design our kitchen by ourselves and then asked my husband about getting help from a designer.  We have met with a designer and seen samples of his suggestions in our kitchen.  We've made a selection that is timeless and works!  Now to place an order and schedule an install!


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