Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Fun & Flirty Use of Negative Space

I had so many comments on my dress form stamp with a skirt that I thought I would try another version for my sister's birthday card using my Cricut. I decided to pull out my Forever Young Cartridge and use the negative space to make my skirt.
Here's how to get the effect above:
1) Using my Cricut DS software and my Forever Young Cartridge I chose the size 5 inches, so it would fit in a A2 card.
2) Use George to temporarily draw a rectangle that is 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and placed my figure where I wanted it and then REMOVE the rectangle and cut FIGURE ONLY in my Basic Grey Oh Baby Boy paper. Notice that I ran the stars in the direction of the figure to add to the height of my figure.
3) Cut the dress card stock at the same size 5".
4) Now cut a Navy rectangle at 5 3/8" to fit the back of card front
5) Cut one yellow organza fabric in a strip 5" long and 2" wide
6) Run a basting stitch along one long edge 1/4" in from the edge and gather it up to fit the waist of figure 1/2" long and tie a knot. I began my basting stitch in from the short edge 1/4" and stopped 1/4' in from the edge. You will want this to prevent raveling and to hide you raw edges under the cut.
7) Add double stick tape to the back edge of of the figure along the sides of the skirt ONLY at this time.
8) Now add your organza fabric, placing the gathering at the waist line
9) Adhere the ribbon to the card front
10) Adhere the navy card stock to the back of your card front
11) Add adhesive to the back of the dress and carefully slip it under the organza skirt to line it up.
12) Adhere your skirt at the waistline with glue dot or glue gun
13) Cut a bit of ribbon 1" long and tuck under each side 1/4", then glue on top of gathered waist to hide stitching and raw edges
14) Cut Fabulous at 1" and adhere to card
15) Add pearl at pony tail
16) Add sentiment inside, "Hope your Birthday is as fabulous as you are!"
Here is a close up of the skirt. The neat freak in me love the finished look to the skirt edges!


  1. This is really cute!! Love the skirt!!

  2. It seems I have searched the entire internet and finally I found a skirt idea for my dress form. Thank you so much for the share!!! I am a neat freak, neighbor kids me and says I have Compulsive
    Behavior Disorder because everything has to be just so perfect. lol. Glad I found your blog and I am going to continue to follow:)



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