Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#TrendyTuesday: Watch Out

I know many of us have deserted the wrist watch for our cell phone to keep time, but it's time to remember the value of a watch!  I love a watch for the following reasons:
  1. It's perfect for the job interview!  This is a great way to show your future employer that you are concerned about time and being prompt!
  2. It's another piece of jewelry to finish an outfit!  One of the best ways to finish and outfit and look polished is to add jewelry and the wrist watch is a great bracelet!  If you love the look of layered bracelets and don't want the expense of buying several, try the wrapped watch!
  3. It doesn't loose it's charge like your phone!  While the batteries in your phone need recharging frequently, your watch doesn't.  So, the watch is a more reliable way to keep track of time.
  4. It's not as bulky as some bracelets.  I love a bracelet as much as the next woman, but sometimes they get in the way while working.  A watch is less likely to get in the way
  5. They don't ring at the wrong time!  I love the watch for keeping track of time in a quiet location where I don't want my phone to interrupt because I forgot to turn it off! 
This season, I am crazy for the wrapped watch trend.  Find the grey watch here. Find the brown watch with simple wrap here.  Find the blue and brown watch here and the gold and leather watch here.


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