Sunday, February 2, 2020

When Your Cricut Cut Is Beautiful but not Right for The Project

Every once and a while I cut something with my Cricut and decide the color or scale is wrong after I cut it.  Often, these cuts, are just too pretty to recycle and so, I save them for another project.  They then become part of the stash, neglected and forgotten. Today, I am sharing how I challenged myself to use a doily I cut instead of consigning it to the stash.  I tried a new strategy of doodling, so I am entering it in the Bitten by the Bug Challenge "Something New."  Here is how I took a drab cut to fab cut!  

I cut this red card stock with an Anna Griffin cartridge and found the color wasn't right for the page I was working on.  I thought the red a bit dull and wanted to make it more glamorous.  So, I doodled some trellis like lines (inspired by the layer that should have gone on top) with a glitter pen and added some Stickles to make this mis-cut a one of a kind piece. 

Here is a close up of the title cut with Anna's Christmas Kitsch.  

Below is a look at the red die cut before I embellished it.  So drab, that I decided to try and add glamour like Anna would.  I LOVE Anna Griffin Double Sided Foil Paper, when it's used in a tone on tone look!  I can't stop using this paper!  Kudos to Anna Griffin for providing professional materials along with her professional tools!


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