Thursday, July 30, 2009

Expression Cover & Etsy Milestone

Well, I have posted pictures of my baby bug cover, and my Create cover, so now it's time for me to show off the Expression cover. I made this for my first international customer, in Canada! So, I am considering it an Etsy milestone.

Once again a custom order. I told the customer, that I had access to Tammy Tadd Designs, JoAnn Fabrics, Hannock Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. She did some online shopping and sent me a link of the items she liked at JoAnn's. Once again, my customer has beautiful taste! I was so happy with the embellishment on this one. Love it when the details come together. Thanks Jackie!

Move Quick on Gypsy give away!

Just found this you will have to move quick! The entries must be in today by 10:00am Mountain time. It's at the Cricut website and you may have to be a member to win.
Sorry no picture!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

iTop Cut File and Tips

Still trying to figure out how to place my photos here, aarrgh! Well, here is another cut file to share. It is really just a shape from Accent Essentials that has the measurements of the iTop template for the three sizes of brads they offer. In the picture you will see my Cricut Cuts (in blue) and the iTop cuts (in pink) that came with my kit. The AE cut has more cogs, but it works great! So, if you have been looking for an excuse to buy the Accent Essential Cartridge, now you have one!

Some other tips when using the iTop:

1) Spritz your cut paper before assembly with the iTop. You will get a much more professional looking brad or button with little to no pleats on the side. If you have seen the video that came with your iTop, you know what I mean.

2) You can get an embossed look for your brads if you use white core card stock. Simply emboss the cardstock and sand, then use the iTop. Your raised image will flatten out, but since you sanded you will still see the pattern. Below I have included a brad I made with my Provo Craft Swiss Dot folder. Love Swiss Dot!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The infectious iTop!

Just got my iTop; made by Imaginisce, from Oh My Crafts! I just knew it would be perfect for making fabric covered buttons to match my Cricut dust covers! So, when it arrived on Saturday (thanks for the quick ship OMC!), I ran out to JoAnns to get some self covered buttons. I chose the buttons that looked the most like those provided with my iTop Tool kit. Dritz Cover Button Refill (size 2.2 cm-same as brads in the kit). I fussy cut the fabric so that the flower would be in the center of the button, using the template in my kit. Use a glue dot to hold the fabric in place and it is to easy and professional looking!
Take a look at the pictures below. I am having some trouble moving these around on my blog as I am new to blogging so here is the order I will try and insert them in: my Cricut Create dust cover, a close of the fabric covered button, the base of the iTop brad and the Dritz button, the Dritz Cover Button Refill pack, and finally, the iTop. The brad base included in the kit is on the left and the Dritz button base on the right.

I have had some inquiries about Cricut Create dust covers and did find that the machine has different measurements across the top. The baby bug dust covers are too big, so I had to make a different pattern for the Create. A big thanks to my friend Memory for loaning me her machine for the creation, fitting and photo shoot! I wouldn't wear clothing that doesn't fit, so I believe you bug should have a good fit too!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Custom Crops has free Cut files!

Did you know Custom Crops has free Cut files? You can find files from some of the most talented, and well know designers on the Cricut Message boards. Got love this link! This one is from Susan!

Please be sure to leave a review for the designers whose files you download! Thanks Susan and Custom Crops! Custom Crops also has great prices and sales. I am still trying to arrange a field trip to their crop room for our scrapbooking guild!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Packing for a Crop

Trying to finish my Friday chores and pack for a crop tonight at Creative Escapes, in DeKalb, IL. Seems I only get a chance to scrapbook out of the house. I think I prefer to go to a crop rather than scrapping alone. Having grown up with 6 sisters, I have really found that I miss the company of women! So, I get to create, shop and visit at the same time! My friend Bridgette runs Creative Escapes out of her basement and hosts regular crops with everything you can think of available at her home. You can find out more about Creative Escapes at:
Bridgette is the perfect hostess, and has everything so organized! She even hosted a meeting for my scrap booking guild and spoke about organization!
Thought I might share how I pack for a crop, as this is a frequently discussed topic for our guild and newbies!
1) Basics-start with your basic tools, scissors, trimmer, adhesive, white and black card stock, etc. I actually have two sets, one for home and one for the crop tote. Then, I can just grab my tool tote and I am ready.
2) Decide what to work on, and develop film as needed
3) Pack your own page kits. Pull your photos first. I like to go through my CTMH idea books and pick the page based on the number of photos I'm using and how much I like the page layout. Another great resource is Got to have that book and her cards. They go right in my page kits!
4) Once you have your photos and page design, choose your paper, embellishments, stickers, ribbon, etc.
5) Review your destinations website, and your friends packing lists so you don't double pack, or over pack. Most hostesses keep a list of their Cricut cartridges, so you don't have to pack all of yours. Bridgette, just asks us to bring our own matts as they are consumable.
6) Pre-cut as needed or desired. I can't cut without using my Cricut DS software now that I have it! It is like having a page preview and I prevent so much wastage! And I do like making my own items and welding! Can't wait to see how the Gypsy will help us on the go croppers!
7) Pack to promote, if your hostess allows be sure to bring your business cards and some conversation starts and or product.
And for my picture today, here is a tote I just had to embellish for my out-of-the-house crops! I sewed black velcro in two strips on the tote about 12" apart. I took a page protector and applied stick on velcro to the back of the page protector. I then embellished the top of the page protector around the edges with fabric, ribbon, a crocheted trim, fabric yo-yo's, and embellishments. I can slip in my current pages to show off! Because I used the vecro, I can swap out the embellished page protector when the season changes! So far, I have a Halloween, and Christmas one and hope to make more. I would love to make this available on Etsy, but have not found a way to make it cost effective yet!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love Custom Orders!

Just finished a custom order for Michelle in MO. She already had a Cricut dust cover, but saw my scrapbags and wanted one to match her cover. So, she sent me the fabric and I made her bag to order. I so loved her blue fabric with the brown and green. I try to stick with the gallon, quart, pint rule of design when working with three colors.

I have fallen in love with brown lately. I like to quote, "Brown is the new black!" whenever I use it. It is so classic! I once heard that if you have more than three colors in an item, you should use black to anchor your item. I think brown works well too!

I added a ruffle for Michelle, to pull in the green fabric, she already has in her cover. Oh, my! I love the ruffle and will have to add this to all future bags. Maybe some pompom trim too! These scrapbags make me happy! You can just scrape the bits of paper off your Cricut matts into the scrapbag, or use it at crops and your in your scrap room. Sewers can use the weight as a pin cushion as well!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Help where I can, however I can

Just finished this scrapbag for a breast cancer fundraiser. It is important to me to help where I can, however I can. Whenever I am asked to a local breast cancer fundraiser, I make a door prize or silent auction item. Having six sisters, I know that curing and preventing this disease is important. I know, six sisters! I have four brothers too! Anyway, for all you ladies who hold fundraisers, who walk, who care, who pray, who are diagnosed, thanks!
The fabric is Michael Miller, don't you love blue? I don't know if you can see but the lining is purple. The pin cushion/weight is attached to the bag with velcro, so the trash portion can be removed for emptying and occasional washing. This is a great item for any crafter, but I like to use it while cropping. It is also great when I am scrapping of my cricut matts! I just scrape the scraps right into the bag.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cut file to share

CORRECTION TO CUT FILE! I SAVED THE WRONG ONE. SO, as of 7-23-09, at 2:30pm, this is the correct file. Well, it's that time of day when I choose to neglect the housework in favor of paper crafting! Don't you think I should share something?! I was inspired to create this cut file by some vintage jewelry. I have always found vintage jewelry to be beautiful and have rescued many a piece from my Mother's purges, garage sales, and flea markets. Here is a picture of my bracelet leaf and my card. I also wanted to try and create an adjustable file after seeing the work of Diane from Capadia and the Scrapped Lives blog. Such talented women! I succeeded with the scalloped leaf portion, but all of the cut work inside is NOT adjustable. The uniball white pen was used to accent this cut leaf and I used the SU border punch I just received. Thanks Lynn!

You will need the Accent Essentials, George Basic Shapes,Home Accents, Storybook and Home Decor cartridges to cut this file. Please do not sell my cut file or use it to make things to sell. Thanks! Here is the cut file

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vote for me!

Ok, I entered a contest and the winner is chosen by people who visit the blog listed below and vote. Take a look at my Cricut DS Creation: a dress form. If you like it, please vote for me and I will win a Bind it All. Thanks!
Here is the website to visit and vote:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slammer Getaway in October 2009

Here's one for the scrap obessed: A get away in Aledo Illinois in October 2009. I went this Spring and loved it! Mandi does a wonderful job with challenges, goodie bags and give aways and the price is right. I am so sad I won't be able to go, but maybe you can find the time. Check out Mandi's website at:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Great contest sponsored by Custom Crops

Here is a great contest sponsored by Custom Crops at the Cuttlebug spot! The prize: $1000.00! I could spend that! Let's try a link again: Luck!

Favorite Paper Craft Project

Just had to share my latest paper craft project created my Nancycs from the Cricut message boards. Thanks Nancycs! Here is a link to her blog, you can contact her to get the cut file.
Let me know if the link works, I am still learning how to use this blog! Oh, and she is listed as a blog I follow on the right hand side now, so if it doesn't work you can click over there.
Here is my version of Nancy's bag, which a made for teachers' appreciation gift and filled them with candy and hand made cards.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blog candy at keepsalesbymelissa

Here's a blog candy prize drawing link for you:
She is giving away a Cuttlebug machine. Did you know that many blogs have contests for prizes and all you have to do is create a link on your blog and leave comments?

My first Post!

I have a new addiction! Looking at other peoples blogs! It has totally replaced my TV viewing. And when I visited the Cricut message boards and saw all the beautiful things people shared on their blogs, I wanted one too! I hope to share my Cricut work and my other passion sewing! I make covers for Cricut machines and think some of you very talented paper crafters might like them. Here's one I have listed at my Etsy store now. Check it out at So, watch for my work and join me in the new adventure in blogging!


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