Monday, May 28, 2018

Just a Mom and Her Gadgets Making Invitations

You can make professional invitations for your high school seniors open graduation open house!  I made mine and even took my own portrait with my iPhone!

Since I am not a professional photographer, I researched how to take a portrait on line.  I also saved a few poses and took photos of them with me on phone.  I waited for an over cast day and out we went.

I took more than I needed in the hopes that something would appeal to both my husband and I.  In the end we had three we both liked.  I used just two on the card.

Once I had the photos, I uploaded them to Walgreens and designed a card using their templates.  I chose to use card stock so, I could use both sides of the card, one for the portrait with name, and the invite on the back with a second photo.  Printing these with envelopes cost me  $1.05 each.

Because I am such a avid paper crafter and Cricut fan, you know I had to add a little embellishment!  So, I made a card sleeve with the school mascot for his high school and grade school in his high school colors. I cut the black paper with some card stock from Michaels bought with a coupon and some glitter card stock I won from Anna Griffin's blog.  I am a bit Anna Griffin obsessed and like to put a little Anna in all my paper projects.  Her gold glitter card stock cut like butter in my Cricut.  Thanks so much Anna Griffin, for letting me have a touch of AG and me in such a masculine project!  So, I only spent another $3.83 (for 40 cards) to add sleeves for all my cards.

It was a fun project that made me happy!  I feel the results are so professional and look expensive!  So, if you need some great party invites, give your own a try with a Cricut, an iPhone, and Walgreens! My total came to under $46.00.  The procrastinator in me was also so happy to be able to order the invitations and have them delivered the same day.  I cut all my sleeves and assembled in one day.  I had them in the mail three days after starting this project! 


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