Sunday, November 8, 2009

How to Accomodate the 3D Back Pack Pocket Page

Here is the side view of the back pack cut file above, I am using to store my sons report cards.
I promised I would share how I accommodate my 3 dimensional back pack cut file below in the spine of my scrapbook in my last post. Please find the instructions below. You can use this idea for other junky items you feel the need to scrapbook, or for other pocket pages. Some things I have used it to accommodate, are pocket pages for my children's first birthday, and baptism cards. I don't save every card, but one's that I wish I still had. So, cards from Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles on special occasions can be saved this way.

How to accommodate your 3 D backpack in a post bond album:

Supplies you will need
1) Post bound album
2) Spine shims or foam board (Get the Spine shims from Close to My Heart or make your own with Foam Board). Here is a picture of a spine shim I got a package of them at a garage sale for $0.25.

3) Post Extenders (Available at Michaels or from Close to My Heart)

1) Open your album at the back cover and flip up your post screw cover flap
2) Using a screwdriver, unscrew the screw holding your back flap on. SAVE THE SCREWS for reassembly!
3) Remove the back cover, and determine where you want your chunky 3 D item. I am putting mine as the last page in the album.
4) Screw in Post Extenders.

5) Place shims before the chunky 3 D page. If you have no shims, make a pattern on the foam board, using the margin of your page protector as a guide. Punch holes for the post. In this case I used three shims, to equal the thickness of my back pack page.

6) Put page, and album back cover into place
7) Screw album screws back into place and fold down flap.
Below is a picture of the sandwich I used in my spine from the side view.

Please feel free to leave me a post with questions. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for the how to's. I had not considered doing it this way.



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