Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Controlling My Craft Clutter!

It is that time of year, when many of us are reflecting on what we want to do to improve ourselves, and our lives. I have always struggled with craft clutter and have tried repeatedly to clean up my act. While pondering over this issue this morning, I considered my house and what works for me there. What strategies do I use to keep my home clean that I could apply to my craft clutter? So, I'm gonna look at them and try some strategies in my craft space.

Here is my first step in keeping my home clean: my daily minimums. Every morning I try to have the following three things done before I leave the house: bed made, dishes done, floors swept. Ok, so how to apply this to the craft space? What are my daily to do's before I leave my craft space? I have choosen, clean work table, file cardstock, put away tools.

Second step: the 15 minute pickup. I have two young children and DH who is a neat nick. So, everyday 15 minutes before he is due home, I coral the kids and we pick up. So, I will try this strategy in my craft space, and every time I craft spend 5 minutes. If I am doing the first step above, this will allow me a little organization time.

Third Step: weekly, monthly and yearly to do's. The yearly do to, go through things and purge! Weekly, dust and spray clean. Monthly...not sure of yet I may end up breaking up the yearly purge into monthly tasks.

This month I am going through all my paper. I have trouble throwing away scraps. I am frequently frustrated while trying to file things away that smaller irregular pieces keep my big pieces from fitting in my storage properly. I found a solution this week: my magazine storage plastic. I used to subscribe to every scrap booking magazine in the US. But have found that I can get all the inspiration and contests online! During December, I went through every magazine I had saved and ripped out the following: Items I wanted to make a cut file for, pages to scrap lift, color combos I loved, techniques to try and products to check out. Now I will use my magazine holder for all the decent size scraps and it will be easy to file and use!

Share a crafting clutter control method that works for you in the comments please!

I keep the "cut files to be made" in a folder and every time we take a drive for more than an hour, I grab the folder. I can work on my files while the DH drives and not be stressed by his desired to follow slow drivers too closely!


  1. well, I probably don't have near the craft gear as many of you. My scrap booking stuff has to fit in the scrap suitcase or something has to go. That's my whole strategy.

  2. Love your strategy. I'm gonna have to give that one a "go". TFS! :-)



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