Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift

I love to bring a little something for the hostess on Thanksgiving! I know how much work goes into cooking for this holiday and love to have a little thank you for the cook!This year, I will be bringing a pin I made with Art Glitter and organza. And just so the host does not feel left out, I will pin it to a ribbon and tie the ribbon around a bottle of their favorite beverage!


Art Glitter 343 Chestnut Ultrafine Opaque Glitter

Art Glitter Dries Clear Fabric Glue

Brown Organza fabric cut 3” x 42”


Sewing Machine

Low Temp Glue Gun

Pretty Button

Chipboard 2 inch circle

Brown Felt 2 inch circle

Pin back

Start by cutting your organza. I actually useda roll of organza I found at JoAnn’s and cut it 21 inches long. I then cut it in half lengthwise, so that I had two strips 3 inches wide by 21 inches long.

I overlapped my two strips by an inch and ran a basting stitch down the center lengthwise.

I then added a bead of glue using Art Glitter Dries Clear Fabric Glue and sprinkled on my Chestnut glitter. Shake off excess and allow to dry. I pulled my basting thread so that the finished length of the strip was 14” and folded the strip in half. Insert ruffle photo.

I followed the instructions on the Maya RoadFlower video at this link: Some tips for the organza instead of ribbon:

1) Tie a knot at both ends after to gather and clip off the lose threads before gluing with the hot glue gun.

1) Don’t wrap your center too tight or you won’t have a good space for your button. Use a hole about the size of pencil in the middle of your flower.

2) You will have to fold your organza in half as you go

Here is a close up of the finished flower pin.

I just used more of the organza strip to tie a bow around the bottle and then pinned the flower to the center.

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