Friday, October 5, 2012

Finish It Friday: Back to Square One

I have had a quilting UFO in my stash for at least 6 years and am determined to finish this year.  I am making a quilt pattern from the Buggy Barn and have pulled it back out again.  Here are some of the reasons I have struggled to finish it:
1)  I love a project I can finish in one day!  So, when it takes more than a day I get discouraged and procrastinate!  I actually will neglect things to finish open projects because I get so stressed.
2)  Accuracy is not my strong suit, and quilting requires accuracy.
3)  There are triangles in this quilt!  I'm sorry, have you not sewn triangles before?  Well, trust me even with a fashion design background I find sewing on the bias to be inaccurate and frustrating!
4)  Scraps everywhere!  Well not every where, but in my fabric closet.
5)  So many pieces!  What was I thinking!

Okay, so now that I have expressed my frustration here is how I am going to tackle this job:
1)  Finish it Fridays:  devote one day a week to working on it (at least one day).
2)  Join a quilt guild.  I joined a quilt guild and they meet for an entire day on the 2nd Thursday of every month.  It is informal, so I can bring my quilt and work on it.
3)  Blog about it.  Maybe, someone will encourage me or follow up and ask how I'm doing.
In the last month, I pulled out my squares, finished cutting and sewing.  Today, I began piecing my 1st block (see photo above).  Only 29 more to go!  I am stressing about all those points in the center and how well it can be quilted.  It looks nice though, doesn't it?!

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