Sunday, July 7, 2013

Beach Wedding on a Budget

My niece recently got married and had a beach wedding.  I thought I would share some of the things she did to save money and stay in her budget!
1)  DIY-What every you can do, Do It Yourself!
Some of the DIY items for her wedding were:  candle votives made with pages from old romance novels cut with Sizzix hearts and glued to jars with glue sticks, then tied with some twine and ribbon for a fabulous look!  Some jars were spray painted for an etched look.  Here is a list of the DIY's:  Rosette's for chairs, candle votives (spaghetti and mason jars), heart banner, card holder (old suitcase embellished with lace from relatives wedding dresses), glitter tattoos and signage.
2)  Rely on Relations-Get the family involved in all you can for help with location, decorations, planning, set up, etc.  My niece found decorating ideas on Pinterest and sent them to me.  I let her know what we could make with my tools and we held 2 family craft days.  We cut the rosettes for the back of every chair using SU's rosette die.  My niece found her location through relations.  Her Mom and Dad had a cottage in the Palisades Park, where she had her reception.  Her Father-in-Law married them at a natural center near the park and both places were wonderful for photographs and atmosphere!  Here is a list of the relative's contributions:  location, decoration craft days to make rosettes and votives, wedding ceremony planner/decorator (cousin), wedding reception planner/decorator (cousin), set up for reception decorations only (caterer set up tables), glitter tattoos, flower girl wands, signage to event.
3)  Source Savvy!  Think outside the usual to find your cost effective sources!  By shopping the local farmers market (the summer before the wedding) they found a local source for wild flowers at a great price.  They made arrangements far in advance, so they could get a local source at the best price!  (see 2nd photo for a look at her flowers).  Her are some of her savvy shopping ideas:  use farmers market, shop online, location at family summer home community, rented tent, caterer, trellis for ceremony from craft store (can be used in garden later), buy your own beer and wine, make your own signature cocktail, and hire bartenders.  This is blueberry country, so you know the cocktail had blueberries!
4)  Make it Your Own! She loves to read and chose reading as a theme.  Along with the candles, she used the cut out hearts to make a banner that was hung in the bushes to show guest the way to the bathrooms (no picture).  Along with her theme she chose a location that has special meaning and memories (for the whole family too!)  She had photos taken throughout the park and at the beach.  I love the one above on a sand road in park and how it symbolizes the beginning of their life together!
5)  Spend Wisely- the bathroom facilities at the beach were not suitable, so she rented a deluxe portable potty, and the air conditioned beautiful bathrooms were worth every penny!  Instead of henna tattoos, I used my Cricut and cut templates.  I used Art Glitter's body glue and glitter to make tattoos for the bridesmaids and bride.  They actually went barefoot and I will try and post pictures from the photographer when available!  She and I both think the Art Glitter tattoos are prettier and lighter than henna!  And on a side note, I found the Art Glitter body glue if FABULOUS for holding up a dress!  Works better than double stick tap and more comfortable to wear and remove!
6)  Have fun!  The nature center had a butterfly house.  This is one of the flower girls in the butterfly house after the ceremony.
I hope this post gives you some ideas to save on any wedding and to makes your day special in every way!

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