Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blue Birds for BBTB2 Challenge

Another week another Bitten by the Bug Challenge!  This one is called Summer Heat is for the Birds.  I thought it might be nice to make a blue card and think cool, especially as we are expecting the hottest week of the year here in northern IL.  I needed a card for my brother and sister-laws new house.  So, I used a house from Fold Art Festival (my new favorite cart) and the circle is from George.  I welded them in CCR and cut it in blue.
The white doily was inspired by all the beautiful doilies in Sophie.  Sophie had no bird doily, so I actually used a bird from Sophie and George's circle in CCR again, to make my own doily.  It really is easy to do, just create one bird roughly one 1/3 the size to fit in one quarter of the circle circumference.  If you use this size, you should need 12 to go around the entire circle.  So, divide 360 degrees by 12 you get 30.  Now rotate for each new bird 30 degrees from the bird to it's left as you place them clockwise around the circle.  So, the second bird rotates 30, the third bird 60 degrees.   You need only create three birds, group and copy to create the next nine and then just weld.  And here is a tip to make working with CCR easier, CCR does NOT seem to like welding grouped objects.  So, to get my doily to weld properly, I had to ungroup the birds!
The crocheted embellies are CTMH, the stamp is Angel company, the chip board is Want2Scrap, and the pearls are Queen and Co.


  1. WOW! This is fabulous Clare!! I love how you made the bird doily!! And the birdhouse is great. Love the blues! Thank you so very much for joining our 'Bird' challenge at BBTB2!!!! :)

  2. This is such a pretty card! I love the color blue, and it is such a wonderful color for your card. Love the pretty doily, birdhouse cut and those pretty crochetedvflowers. Yhanks for joining us at BBTB2.

  3. fabulous card clare such a pretty bird "doily" and the blues thanks for sharing with us at bbtb2 :)



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