Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why I Like Art Glitter Better Than Stickles

Art Glitter D29 Confections Dazzlers
Art Glitter 175 Retro Red Ultrafine Pearlescent
Art Glitter Dries Clear Adhesive
Art Glitter Ultra Fine Tip
The Craft's Meow Vintage Ornaments Stamp Set
Zva Zva Creative Pearls
Copic R59
Copic E29
Close To My Heart Stamp
Stampin' Up buckle slide
Patterned Paper

When I first started embellishing my paper projects Stickles were all the rage and I bought a few bottles.  But I stumbled upon Art Glitter at a local store called Peddler's Den and saw immediately it was much better.  So here is my list of reasons that I like Art Glitter glues and glitters better:
1)  Art Glitter Glue dries much quicker!  How many times have you put something on top of a stickled project or touched your stickles only to find it isn't dry.  I sometimes has stickled a project in the morning at a crop and had to wet when I leave the crop hours later.  I find AG dries within minutes!
2)  Art Glitter has a finer line.  If you use the Art Glitter Ultrafine tip, you will find that is a much finer line than the line from the Sticles.
3)  Art Glitter easier to use.  I often get a hand cramp when squeezing Stickles and have to store them upside down to get the most out of a bottle.  Art Glitter glue comes out easily and I need not apply presure.
4)  Art Glitter has more varieties in color!  Stickles has 65 colors and Art Glitter has 179 color of just the Ultrafine Opaque Glitter.
5)  Art Glitter has more varieties in texture!  Some of the textures are Ultrafine Opaque, Ultrafine Transparent, Ultrafine Opaque Hologram, Chunky Opaque Hologram, Microfine Opaque, Gala Glitz, Shards Vintage Glass Glitter, Fine Vintage Glass Glitter Slice Glitters, Art Hexi Glitter, Funky Opaque, Flake, Earth Textures, Glass Beads and many more.
6)  Art Glitter lasts longer.  I have used many of my Stickles bottles on project, while the Art Glitter lasts forever, and their glue bottle is larger and lasts for many projects.
7)  I can use Art Glitter for temporary tattoos!  I confess, I like the idea of the tattoo, just not the life of a tattoo, so I like to make mine with Art Glitter!  Be sure to not use their glass glitters when making these!  No Stickles for my glamour projects.
To make the project above, I stamped the ornament  with Craft's Meow Vintage Ornaments.  I am so sad they are closing!  I did get a change to shop their sale and had to use the great stamp immediately!  I scraplifted the card layout from one of the DT members but have lost the link.  I high lighted the edge with  Art Glitters Retro Red using the Ultrafine tip and used the Confection Dazzlers and the ultrafine tip for the snow like dots on the cream paper and in the oval on the ornament.  I colored the Zva Zva pearls with the Copics and found the Cardinal Red made my pearls to pink, so I used a second Copic color Burnt Umber.  Don't forget you can use more than one color to get the color to match your project!

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