Friday, May 16, 2014

Frugal Fashion Friday: Shop Accessories on Fridays Online

This Friday I am sharing tips about being frugal with your online shopping!  Here is how to get the best deals for your online clothing and accessory shopping:

Where:  We me at Keaton Row of course!  I can do the time consuming shopping for you and make recommendations based on what you need, and your budget!  I can shop multiple retailers for you and you can make one check out and payment, even if you buy from multiple retailers!  Shipping to US customers is FREE!  Return shipping is Free, except for Les Nouvelles returns.  Don't worry, if I recommend an item from Les Nouvelles I will let you know in the Lookbook that returns are $10.00.  I copy all of my clients on our Keaton Row retailers sales, so you never miss a bargain!
When:  Did you know that shopping on different days of the week can get you better deals?  According to Lifehacker the following days can yield better deals as follows:

  • Monday-best day to buy women's dress pants (average discount is  48% off) and sunglasses (average discount is 55% off).  
  • Wednesdays-shoes average 38% off.  
  • Thursday-best day to buy handbags, with the average discount of 36%. 
  • Friday-accessories such as jewelry, belts and scarves average 42% off.  
  • Saturday-best price on intimate apparel with an average of 37% off and also jackets with an average of 51% off!  
  • Sunday-is best for swimwear with an average discount of 52%.  
Got that?!  Again, it's so much easier to have me do your shopping and send you a lookbook with items on sale!  And this day of the week extra discount is NOT always the way sales run with the Keaton Row retailers, so let me show you the sale items and comb the racks for your bargains!  And be sure to check out quickly, on the sale items at Keaton Row go fast!
How:  Just visit my Keaton Row Profile, sign up as customer, fill in your size, color & style preferences.  You can find me here:
Why:  I can save you money, and time.  I can show you how to wear your clothing to get the best look.  You will love the design and quality and customer service at Keaton Row!
Consider the items on sale above, I love the ivory flower necklace for an everyday statement necklace and would pair it with white or ivory for the trendy white hot look of white, this Summer.  You can wear it with any color too!  Love the flower ring to wear with any floral accessories or clothing.  The zebra striped hat would look fabulous on the beach with a black, brown or grey swimsuit and so chic!  The multi color bracelet is so happy and works with neutrals or colors for  great date night piece.  And I love the locket for Mom, or Grandma for her next birthday, Christmas or Mother's Day!   Just fill it with photos of love one's!  To finish of this lookbook, there are three bracelets, the gold and silver junky piece will last for ever and is so timeless!  I love the blue suede with gold closure for an edgier look and the final bracelet for a feminine look.

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