Friday, July 18, 2014

Frugal Fashion Friday: The Trendy Bow

It's time for one of my favorite weekly blog features:  Frugal Fashion Friday!  I love to show you a designer high price look that I LOVE, and then a version of the same look for those of us on a budget.  This week I am featuring the Bow trend.  Maybe it is the paper crafter in me, or the fact that I have only son's...but I love bows and they are so trendy right now!  This green dress by Kate Spade has a fabulous bow at the waist and I can't get over the color!  And if you are a shoe lover, you'll want to check out the sling back pumps with a bow at the toe!  Buy Kate's Look for $970.00 or the bargain look for $249.28.  Buy the bargain look and save:  $720.72!  Get either look here.  And if you want a black belt on the less expensive dress, visit a fabric store and purchase a wide satin ribbon.  Finish the edges with Fray Check and tie your own belt!

Here are some more ways to add bows to your look on a budget.

  1. Add the bow accessory!  For example, you can Purchase this skinny belt; pictured above, here, and wear it with a dress, over a blazer or with a jumpsuit.  
  2. Make your own bow embellished item, I think I could make a version of the sneakers below, or the ribbon belt mentioned above!
  3. Ask me for a Lookbook and give me a budget for the item you want!  Just visit any of the links and click on the Request a Lookbook.
  4. Recycle a bow tie as a headband!

Want a bow for the casual look but you're not a crafter?  Try the sneakers above here.  And if your a crafter like me, you may be getting out the ribbon and glue gun right after you view this post to make your own sneakers with a bow! I love to save money and make something when I can, so I can splurge on something I can't make and have to have.  Need help tying the perfect bow?  Try this tutorial using a fork!

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