Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#TrendyTuesday #Sweater Trends

We all love the sweater, and want the newest trends!  So, what's the latest trend in sweaters this Fall and Winter?  It's all about the hem details:  ruffles, sheer panels, feathers (see photo above) and more!  Here are some tips on how to wear this new trend by figure type.

  1. The Straight figure:  This is a good look for you, because it can give you hips.
  2. The Triangle:  This is helps to balance your larger top, so it is a great look for you too!
  3. The Pear:  Wear this look with the dark color at the bottom, and light color at the top!  Avoid the ruffle and choose the sheer straight panel instead.  Examples, the pear can wear are the feather above (darker bottom), and the fringe at the bottom photo below, with black pants or a darker colored bottom.
  4. The Apple:  Choose a sweater with a ruffle or a silhouette that creates a visual waist line, like the one below.  Find it here.
  5. The Petite:  Choose a mono chromatic look for the whole outfit.  So the the black sweater with the animal print (like the one in the photo below) should be paired with black pants or jeans.  Find all these looks here.

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