Monday, March 9, 2015

#Three Accessories to Obsess Over

I have three accessories I am currently obsessing over in the Keaton Row catalog and I find myself listing them in many of my clients lookbooks.  Just like clothing closet essentials, there are accessory essentials and these three fall into accessory closet essentials!
My first obsession is a backpack handbag by Rebecca Minkoff.  I love this bag to hold everything and including my iPad mini, and water bottle while I site see in Rome & Barcelona.  It's a great bag for the day out or the woman who likes a good size bag!  You can find it here.

My second obsession is the silver cuff bracelet.  It's elastic, so you can slip it on and off easily.  I love silver and the way the large bracelet makes the wrist look small.  Something about the zig zag pattern in this bracelet is so appealing to me!  You can also find it here.

And my third and final accessory obsession is the leopard print D' Orsay pump only available in size 9 & 10 and ON SALE for $59.50.  You can find it here.  Now, you might be asking yourself, how is a leopard print pump a closet essential?  Think of the animal print as a neutral, that's how your eye reads them!  Mother nature has the best camouflage!  So, yes the animal print can be a closet essential.  As usual, I am so busy shopping for clients, I don't check out until my size is gone!  She who hesitates is lost! 

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