Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Reading Strategies for My Fellow Moms

If you have school age children, you probably have some summer strategies to help you during the summer. Some of you may be just starting your first summer school vacation and may want to hear a few strategies to help you keep their school skills up and boredom at bay. Below are some of mine for keeping up reading skills.
*Sign up for summer reading programs at the local library. Our library has prizes at different minute levels, activities and entertainment.
*Don't forget the audio books! My kids love these at bedtime, rainy days, car trips, and I love them, when the kids just need to settle down.
*Use Amazon for recommendations. Type in the name of books you know your child likes and you will get the "people who bought this, also liked..." recommendations. My 10 year old has exhusted much of the books in my local library, so this is a great tool for us!
*Ask your librarian for recommendations too! They know what's hot.
*Use your schools online resources. My school district subscribes to Tumblebooks. This is great if you just haven't had the time to get to the library and for the new readers!
*Look into online games that are free and have reading opportunities. My kids like Club Penguin. They have a newspaper published on Thursdays that details all the site happenings and my kids love to read it.
*Check into your local bookstore for summer programs. My Borders has a rewards program, and if my child reads so many books, he can earn a free one.
*Sign up for any rewards program during the school year and be sure to remind your kids when you use the free tickets over the summer. This year we have free tickets to the local water park and Great America!
Do you have a summer reading strategy? Please share it in the comments.

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