Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thanks for the Beautiful Quilt Kathe!

My Step-Mother, Kathe, gave me the most beautiful quilt and I have to share a picture! Kathe is to quilting, what I am to scrapbooking. Isn't her sense of color wonderful? I never would have been brave enough to include the black prints with touches of color in them in this quilt, but they are perfect! I love that she included some oriental prints in this quilt as it will always remind me of her love of oriental art and images. It has a poppy flower print, I so love poppies! There is also a 1920's fashion print in here, love that too! And she may not know that after my blue and white obsession, black and red or next on my list of top color combos! Oh, she has me considering trying applique quilting for the first time. I think I can work in a Cricut image, don't you? Oh, if only my hands could keep up with my creative mind! If only, I had more hours in the day for crafting! Thanks Kathe for the beautiful quilt, I will always treasure and for inspiring me to quilt!


  1. Wow!!! This is gorgeous!! It looks like one of your cut files.



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