Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Work the Stash Wednesday: Zippers!

Have you ever heard that you can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her purse? Well, I think the same applies for our craft stash! So, my stash says I sew too! I have to confess that I have a stash or should I say roll of zippers. It's called "Make-A-Zipper" and has 3 yds of zipper tape and many pulls so you can make your own zipper. I got it at my local quilt shop Tammy Tadd Designs.
This week I pulled out my zipper tape to try the Maya Road Zipper Flower Tutorial. You can find it HERE. I loved their idea of cutting extra petals! Their zipper tape had metallic teeth that popped on the flower. My zipper teeth were the same color and I wanted some contrast, so I hit my stash of glitter and above are the results. Isn't it pretty!?
To get the glitter to stick to my zipper teeth, I used my Art Glitter Ultra fine tip again.
The tiny bead of glue was perfect for the zipper teeth. You will see as you use this that the glue will drop to the spots in between the teeth after applying. Just sprinkle the glitter onto the teeth and flip the zipper tape over, then sprinkle on again on the underside and allow to dry before sewing and gluing.
I can't wait to use this flower on a vintage sewing box I got at an estate sale last week. It's shaped like an iron. So, what's in your stash? Try pulling something out today and kicking it up a notch with some Art Glitter!

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  1. Beautiful and what a great technique




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