Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Try it Tuesday: Art Glitter!

I have a new addiction: Art Glitter! Not only do I love their glitter, but I love their glue. Glitter adds that bling factor and lasts forever! You pour out what you like over a glitter tray or a coffee filter and just pour the excess back into the jar! You will think you haven’t used any!
And, if you paper craft, you probably have one or more favorite glues and you are a loyal customer. Their Ultra fine tip is the best!
I love the control I can get with it the tip and the consistency of the glue. I have added a new glue to my go to glues!
Today, I am sharing how to recycle your plastic packaging into embellishments. I like to use my salad boxes and strawberry packaging to create flowers. Love a look for less that's green! Here’s how:

Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Glue and Ultra Fine Tip
Art Glitter in two colors
Salad or Strawberry container plastic
Scissors or Cricut with Deep Cut Blade and Housing or Sizzix or other flower die
Glitter tray or Coffee Filters
1) Remove the top of your salad packaging and recycle the base
2) Remove the sticker from the top carefully, and wash and dry your top
3) Be SURE to remove any left over adhesive glue from the sticker. I use my UNDO adhesive remover if needed.
4) Carefully trip off the lip of your plastic container
5) Cut your flower using a pattern or Cricut machine. I use my SVG Cuts 3 Dimension flower kit: Begonia and my Deep cut blade and housing. Using the Cricut will make your edges less sharp and safe to work with. You may find that your blade does not cut through your plastic completely. Just snip into the cut image to start popping the cut out and punch the rest with just your hands carefully.
6) Shape your petals before adding glitter by bending down petal edges
7) Using the Art Glitter Dries Clear Glue and the fine tip applicator, apply glue to the outside edge of your petals and three lines towards the center. Working over your glitter tray or coffee filter, sprinkle your glitter on the glue. I like to use my darkest color on the outside.
8) Tap excess glitter back into jar.
9) Now apply your glue and second color, LEAVING 1/3 of the inside of the petal and the entire center free of glue and glitter so you can glue the flower together later. Don’t worry about bare spots, you will be layering the flower and adding a center embellishment that will cover bare spots.
10) Tap off excess glitter and place aside to dry.
11) Rinse the fine point tip in water, immediately. I like to close my sink drain, so it is not lost and dry as best you can. Allow inside to dry before storing.
12) Assemble your flower and glue layers together using a low temp hot glue gun or glue dots
13) Embellish flower center with beads, button, or brad. I used some pearl beads.
My first version of the flower is made with the Art Glitter Transparent Glitter, in Juicy Fruit (99), and Berren (213). The colors of glitter are closer in value, and it looks very fairy tale like to me. And my second with the Art Glitter Pearlescent Glitter, in Varsity Blue 185 (dark blue), and Blue Angel 183 (light blue). What glam!
For more ideas on how to use Art Glitter, check out their blog and their Website under Projects for project ideas and instructions. Find their glitter for sale locally at Peddlers Den in Somonauk, IL and The Art Glitter online at their online store HERE.

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  1. Wow!!! Clare your flowers are Gorgeous!! Love them!



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