Monday, July 18, 2011

Confessions of a Craft Table Paperweight

Our generation is well acquainted with the phrase couch potato, but I think it's time to confess to my own sedentary history! I don't watch much TV, but paper craft obsessively. Somewhere, or should I say somewhen, I became a craft table paperweight. There so much prettier than a couch potato, but still as inactive!
In January of this year, I had major surgery. During my recovery, it became apparent to me just how out of shape I had become. I had not exercised regularly for 9 years. I got to thinking that I am at my midlife point and needed to take action or I would not live as long as I hoped or as well as I hoped.
So, I tried the elliptical and love it! I had always tried aerobics in the past and thought I needed to get out of the house and work with a friend. But, I am finding that I love that I am not using extra time going to and from a gym. I also love the exercise high, which is very much like a creative high! Who knew that exercise is like vegetables? Try different types and you just might find something you love!
Now, just to be honest, I did not find this easy at first! My first week I did 6 and 8 minutes and had to stop. I worked up to a full routine by the end of the first month and am working to add another 10 minutes to my routine, by adding five minutes at a time. There was just an article in the Chicago Tribune about successful and faithful exercises routines and they found that morning exercises with a friend is best. So, when I fall of the wagon, I just may need to add a friend to my routine. And if you are considering starting an exercise routine, I hope you find my confession encouraging!

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