Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another February Birthday Card for SASL Challenge

So, yesterday I entered my project in She's a Sassy's Lady's challenge after Sheila so graciously told me about the challenge. And today, I wanted to give the challenge my full attention and make up a birthday card for another February birthday card I need. I used my Cricut Imagine and the Imagine More Cards to print the text background. The red and white handkerchief fabric print is from my stash. On top of the text print I used the Heritage car and "Daddy" to make the black portion. I just dragged Daddy on top of the car and hid the last two letters. I then printed this ONLY. Next, I swapped out Heritage for Martha Stewart Elegant Cake and filled it with Red and using the Print ONLY mode printed again on top of the rest of the card. It is very trendy right now to print an image or sentiment on top of text. I tied a ribbon on the front and my card is done.

1 comment:

  1. Your card is adorable. Love the colors and art you chose, it is perfect for a man. Thanks for sharing with us at She's A Sassy Lady today.



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