Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Welcome Sign with Art Glitter

Art Glitter 278 Poppy Ultrafine Opaque
White Canvas (Michaels)
12 x 24 inch paper
Dreamweaver Embossing Paste
Foam Brush
Small paint brush
Tape runner
Digital Cutter (Clare used Cameo)
Clear tape

Clare has always wanted a welcome sign for her front entry.  She has been inspired by a fellow Art Glitter Design Team member to use Art Glitter with her Cameo cutting machine in her projects.  She also thinks is perfect project for the glitter newbie!   She started by typing the word welcome using the Brush Script MT font and welding the letters. 
Clare cut the word in paper to use as a stencil.  Using a canvas 28 x 22 inch white canvas she got got at Michaels using a coupon, Clare applied her template using a tape runner. 
She then used a foam brush to apply the Dreamweaver Embossing Paste to the canvas over the stencil openings.  Clare thought the Art Glitter glue would dry too quickly on this project and before she could apply the Art Glitter, so she used an embossing paste.  She also applied the paste on three letters at a time, so that it would not dry before she applied the glitter. She also applied some embossing paste free hand at either end of the word so that the word went off the side of the frame.  After all the glitter was applied and before the paste dried she carefully removed her template.  She allowed it to dry overnight and brushed off excess glitter with a dry paint brush.  Since the canvas held some of the excess glitter after brushing, she also used some clear tape to remove lose glitter not part of the design.  Clare love the simplicity and beauty of this home d├ęcor project.  So get out the Art Glitter and give it a try!

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