Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Try it Tuesday: A Free Fashion Stylist for A Chance to Win!

I am excited to announce I have started a new job as a fashion stylist for Keaton Row!  Keaton Row was created to make the luxury of a personal stylist available to all women.  So, this Try it Tuesday, I am asking you to try my stylist services at Keaton Row!  Be sure to read my entire post to see how you can enter my drawing for a $25.00 gift card. 
As I stylist, I work with clients to add to their personal wardrobes, in their personal styles and within their personal budgets.  I can also shop for gifts for my client's hard to shop for loved ones!  And this service is free for all of Keaton Row's clients!  KR clients pay the same price for their items as they would at the retailer, and the KR stylist is paid a commission from the sale by the retailer.
Here is how Keaton Row styling works: 
1)  Sign up as a Keaton Row client and request me as your stylist.  Here is my profile:  Be sure to fill out information on how to reach you,  preferred time for contact, and size information.
2)  Request a Lookbook.  Just make a request for an item(s) or an outfit.  I will contact you to discuss your style and your preferences color, pattern, fabrics, and care instructions.
I create a collection of clothing and/or accessories to meet your needs in a photo collage format with links to details about each item.  I send you a link when your Lookbook is finished. The photo at the top of the post is an example of a Lookbook.
3)  Visit your Lookbook or any of my public Lookbooks. Once in the Lookbook you can click on an individual item.  Here is what an individual item screen looks like.

You can get more detail from the pink product link that takes you to the retailer's site.  And you will see that their is truly NO charge for my styling services! 
4)  Check out if you see something you like.  Purchase is not required for a chance to win, please below for drawing details!   Just add the item or items you like in the Lookbook to your shopping cart and checkout.  The client can purchase an item or items with one check out.  So, if you buy multiple pieces from multiple online retailers, you have only one check out.  I love this feature!

Shipping within continental US is free and if you need to make a return, most of our retailer have free return shipping.  Only one of our retailers has a return shipping fee of $10.00, Les Nouvelles.  Refunds are made with in 28-30 days depending on retailer. 

Gift Card Drawing Details
To celebrate my new job, and get my clients excited about having a personal stylist at Keaton Row, I am holding a drawing for a $25.00 gift card.  Anyone who signs up as a client, requests a Lookbook and replies to my Lookbook, will be entered into the drawing for the $25.00 gift card to use at a Keaton Row retailer.  You do NOT NEED to purchase an item!  I just want you to see how I can be your Keaton Row Stylist and how well my Lookbooks suit your requests.  You can reply to me about  your look book via my email address, post to my Facebook page, tweet me, or via the phone.  You can find my public Lookbooks at at any time.

For more information about being a Keaton Row client, visit this link with Frequently Asked Questions:

Want to know about becoming a Keaton Row Stylist too?  Visit this link and be sure to tell them I referred you please!

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