Friday, October 31, 2014

#Frightfully #FrugalFriday: Make Your Own Boot Cuffs!

Need a project to keep you busy between the Trick or Treaters?  Want to get the boot cuff for cheap?  How about making your own from old sweaters!  So, rummage through the closet and hit the Salvation Army Store ladies!  Find out what days the thrift store offers deals.  My local store has a sale on a different color every day of the week.  So if you want red boot cuffs, go in on red day and get half off the sweater.  Here are the steps I used to make the boot cuffs:

Supplies needed
Old sweater with sleeves
2 yds of Ribbon 1/2" or wider (cut in half one for each leg)
Sewing machine
Fray Check

How To:

  1. Cut the ribbon to 1 yard lengths (2 qty).
  2. Finish edges with Fray check and allow to dry.
  3. Mark the sweater 5" from the bottom hem of the sleeve with a straight line, perpendicular to the side fold of the sleeve.
  4. Fold the one yard length of ribbon in half and center the ribbon on the sleeve below the marked line, closer to the cuff.  Match the fold in the ribbon to the center fold in the sleeve, opposite the underarm sleeve. Pin the ribbon in place along line in several places.  I used three pins for each side of the sleeve.
  5. Place sweater sleeve on the sewing machine with the ribbon side up, and the sweater side down.
  6. Sewing the side closest to the shoulder, start the seam at the underarm seam and go around the sleeve being sure not to stretch the sweater.  Stop at the underarm seam being sure not to catch the ribbon ends.
  7. Stitch a second seam on the other side of the ribbon closest to the cuff.
  8. Carefully cut the sweater sleeve above the ribbon, already sewn on, on the side closest to the shoulder.  Above is my finished sweater cuff.  
Love the boots?  You can find them here for under $80.00 with free ship and returns.  They have a big fit for wearing an extra pair of socks, but not too big that I can't wear my regular size.  And boot sales have started, find more below the knee boots ON SALE to wear with your boot cuffs here.  Here is classic riding boot, another fabulous pair shown with other items ON SALE.  
Try a pair of boot cuffs with these!

Now you can save boot cuffs and splurge on the boots, and if you need to take your shoes off at a friends home, won't they look sweet with that bow?!  Below is the old sweater I got from a scrap booking friend.  Thanks Betty!

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