Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#WearItWellWednesday: The Necklace

If you're like me, you might have a small costume jewelry obsession!  Well, maybe I am not obsessed because I do keep my collection small.  It's just that I LOVE costume jewelry and wearing it!  I try to never go out of the house without wearing some piece.  So, for today's Wear It Well Wednesday I am sharing some tips about wearing the necklace well with a button down collar:
  1. Go long!  When wearing a button down collar, a short necklace breaks up the collar and front placket and shortens your look (see photo above).  So, wear a long necklace!
  2. Stretch for Success!  Don't have a long necklace to wear with your look?  Add a bracelet at the back to extend the length of your necklace and tuck the bracelet under the back of your collar. See in the photo below, how I added a silver bracelet at the back of this necklace?  This is also a great money saver and you know I LOVE that! 
  3. Go for contrast!  Wear a necklace that shows up on your clothing. 
  4. Pull the look together with repetition in odd numbers of 3 or 5.  So add other accessories in the same color as the necklace.  This can include your shoe or your handbag!  See how the sand color in the necklace is also in my sweater?
  5. Slightly off center is best for embellished necklace.  A necklace that has a center bead, but looks best with an asymmetrical placement.
Looking for some gift ideas for the women in your life this holiday season?  Why not consider some costume jewelry!  It's something everyone loves and most women don't buy for themselves.  So, if you need a gift idea for your Mother or Grandmother, sister or friend, check out my jewelry gift guide lookbook here. 

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