Friday, December 5, 2014

#FrugalFriday with #HauteHippie & Gift Ideas for Her

Working in fashion, you become familiar with designer names, and better labels.  One of my new favorites is Haute Hippie, but what's a part time working Mom to do to afford her fashion favorites?  Shop the sale, and go with faux!  That's what I did with this weeks Keaton Row High Low look which you can find here.
 Savings on the tank $131.00, and savings on the legging $236.80. See an expensive designer look on line you want but can't afford? Send me the link, and your budget and I shop for you!  And don't you love the steampunk heels?
And while we are talking frugal, how about some frugal gift ideas for her?   A knit top for her with lace hem trend at $34.00 here

 A sweater with lace hem for her ON SALE at $49.90.
And if you have a pear shaped figure you can wear this look with a darker jean or pant.  

A chunky cotton funnel neck sweater with beautiful knit pattern to flatter the figure, under $50.00.
Handbag gift ideas:
She's been wanting a luxury, designer handbag.  Here is one by a hot designer Rebecca Minkoff in trendy yet timeless animal print at $156.00.
A beautiful lace print clutch for formal occasions including the Holiday party for $43.54.

And take a look at some gift ideas for her with 6 pages of ideas from $13.00-54.00 and one fantasy gift idea page here:

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