Sunday, December 28, 2014

Yes, I am Still Paper Crafting with #LauraDenisonDesigns!

For those of you who have been following my blog forever, you may have begun to wonder if I am still paper crafting.  Yes, I am!  My latest project has been a bit time consuming because I made 6 of them!  Every year, my sisters and I exchange a $5.00 gift for Christmas.  It has become a challenge to see who can come up with the best gift at that price and let me tell you, my sisters are some savvy shoppers.  I usually make my gifts and this year I finally got a round to making the Laura Denison Design's Nativity!  To save money on this, I split the cost of the kit over my 6 boxes and asked all my scrapbooking friends for their chipboard.  Thanks to Eileen Strachan, a former Creative Memories consultant, I had enough chipboard for the 5 boxes outside of what came in the kit from LDD.   I just covered the plain chipboard with black cardstock. 
It was interesting to me to realize that I had so many wood patterned papers in my stash already.   Who knew?!  I love the wood in the box in the picture above, where I got the wood patterned paper from a prize from a scrapbooking event.  And when I ran out of the wood papers, and began to mix them up for my roof piece on the box below, I thought it was so magically, I wish I had thought of it for my first box!
Laura's box using the standard chipboard and covering it with black cardstock took me roughly a day to make.  So, I actually gave each sister her box this year and told them that they would get their figures next year.  So, sorry no figures to post this year!  Growing up, our family had a clay Nativity set, made by my Aunt.  After my Mother past away, one of my siblings got the well loved set.  I came across Laura's kit and it reminded me of my Aunt's Nativity and had to have it for just this gift idea.  I wanted each sister to have a Nativity made by a family member.  And I must say I have always loved paper dolls, so the idea of paper figures also appealed to me!  I have to thank Laura Denison Designs for such a beautiful kit and allowing me to make multiple versions of the kit under the license agreement as I have 6 sisters!  I do not know if Laura Denison Design's still offers the pattern for this kit, but you can find her site at the link here and request more information. 

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