Monday, June 8, 2015

#MakeItMonday Cards with Anna Griffin

Have you every tried an Anna Griffin card kit?  I love them because they are:

  1. Beautiful!  I can't make a mistake designing with Anna!
  2. Well priced!  For example HSN currently has a Classic White Cards, Layers & Envelopes for $24.95 with 24 cards & envelopes.  That makes each card $1.04 each.  And another set with more details called  Playful Pieces card kit for $39.99 for 20 cards with envelopes.  That makes each card just under $2.00. 
  3. Versatile!  Just add your sentiment and a few embellishments to the card kit if it has none, like the first one above, or cover up the sentiment already in the card.  I converted several Christmas cards to a Mother's Day card, and sympathy card.  I take parts from one Anna kit and mix and match them with other kits also by Anna to fit the occasion. 
  4. Quick and Easy!
  5. Generous!  I still have supplies left over from the Anna Griffin Birthday card kit, after making all the cards and used pieces of them in the cards pictured at the top and bottom of this post. 

Since starting two jobs, my paper crafting has fallen off my daily to do list, but I still find time to be creative with Anna, whenever I need a card.  Thanks Anna!  I find Anna's Card kits for sale on Anna's Website, and HSN

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