Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#WearItWell Wednesday: Swimsuits for the Pear Figure

If you're like me, you may struggle to find a swimsuit that fits your pear figure.  So, today I am sharing some great tips on getting the right suit to suit your wider hipped figure. 
  1. Get guidance from a stylist like myself or use an online tool like the one at which they call Shop Your Shape.  Not only can you choose your body type, but you can choose the coverage you like for your top piece and your bottom piece. 
  2. Order the top and bottom in separate sizes for the best fit!  So, if you wear a 10 top and a 12 bottom, you can order the right size for both!
  3. Order a top with bra sizing if you are not a standard bust size for your top size.  For example, a top with a 36 B size gives you more fit information than a size 10 top and therefore is more likely to fit better! 
  4. Go with the darker bottom and lighter top to help minimize the hip!    See the suit at the top of this post here, or the Nautica suit below, which creates a longer line perfect to lengthen your figure and slim the hip too here.   
  5. For a one piece suit, use the same tips and go with the darker color bottom and or sides.  Like the ones pictured below. 

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