Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The More the "Mary"er with Laura Dennison Designs

You may recall that last year I started Laura Dennison Design's Nativity for my sister's Christmas gifts.  It took me a while to make the box portion, so I decided to add pieces every year.  Thanks so much Laura!  This year, I made all my sisters the holy family, Joseph, Mary and Jesus.  I love that all of my sisters are named Mary and I got to make them all a Mary this year.
I noticed that Laura's patterned did not have a halo for Joseph and thought my family's tradition called for him to have one too.  So, my Joseph's all have halos. 
Next year, I plan to add the wise men and animals.   I must confess that I was a last minute crafter this year and spent the last week before Christmas in the craft room every night.  So, this year one of my New Year's Resolutions is to finish my UFO's (Un Finished Objects).  And to keep myself accountable, I am starting a UFO Challenge Group on Facebook.  I will have a weekly challenge and a monthly prize for anyone who participates in the months challenges.  Want to join my group on Facebook?  Just ask to have yourself added as a friend (if your not already) and drop me a PM that you want to be added.  You can find my FB account on the right hand side of the blog, underneath my Networked Blog box.  Check back on January 1, 2016 for more info on the UFO Challenge group! 

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