Friday, January 1, 2016

Finish Your UFO's Challenge Group Challenge #1

I started a Finish Your UFO Challenge Group on Facebook.  If you are thinking about New Year's resolutions that involve finishing a project this group is for you! I am hosting this for fun and to keep myself accountable to finish all my own Un Finished Objects. This is not to promote or sell anything, just for fun! Please feel free to invite friends to join us. Also I have made this private, in case your un finished object is a gift. Only group members will see your posts.

I will  have a weekly challenge, loosely based on traditional gifts for anniversaries.  For example, week one's challenge is to finish a paper project.  Along with the challenges, I will have a monthly prize for anyone who participates in the challenges for that month.  To prove you have participated in the challenge, you must post a photo and short description of your UFO or hopefully a finished project!  As part of my efforts I will be sharing some tips on getting things finished or asking you to share your tips with the group.  And you don't have to finish your project to get a weekly entry, just share how you worked on your UFO and post a photo!

Challenge #1:  Paper
This weeks Challenge is to Work on a Paper project!  For example, one of my current UFO's is the Laura Dennison Design's Nativity.  Laura's Nativity is pictured above and she offers kits and patterns for her designs at her website The Paper Trail.  I still need to make 8 camels, 24 wise men, 16 sheep, 8 angels and 8 stars for next Christmas' gifts.   Since this is a big project I am going to break it into smaller pieces and setting a monthly goal.  That's 64 pieces over 12 months, so I need to get at least 6 figures done a month to finish in time.  Since I am making 8 of each figure, I will set my monthly goal as all eight of one figure a month.  So, my goal for this week is to cut my Camels.  I need to know if I need more paper as this is an older kit and my camel will take the most paper. So, I am starting with my biggest figure.

To be entered into this months prize drawing, please make sure to post your paper project by Saturday, January 9th, 2016 on the Facebook Group. 

Want to join the Facebook Group and join the challenge?  Just send me a friend request and after we are FB friends, PM a request to join the group.  Stop by for my next post to see your weekly tips to get a project finished!  And since I also love reading and this is a paper challenge, I am allowing group members to finish a book this week and post their review for an entry.  Please share a link to the book and let us know if you liked it if this is your entry for the challenge!    You can make a card, a scrapbook page, a mobile, or any project you might use paper in.  Wall papering a room or adding border is accepted too!    And don't forget this is to help us finish a project, and sometimes a project is more than creating.  You can enter this week by organizing some of your paper!  So, go through your paper stash, or clean out your file cabinet.  As long as it is a project that involves paper, you can enter. 

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