Sunday, January 10, 2016

Finish Your UFO's Challenge 2: Cotton

This week I am continuing with my Finish Your Unfinished Objects Challenge.  And working with the Anniversary theme, the second week extra entry theme is Cotton.  So, pull out any unfinished project that involves fabric and tell us about how you are going to finish your project.  It could be a sewing project, a decorating project (curtains, pillows, sheets, etc.) or maybe you just want to clean the linen closet.  I am accepting entries all January and will pull a winner at the end of the month for a Creative Memories Cup holder (like the photo above).
For many people, an Unfinished Object exists because they ran into a design issue or creative block.  so this week I am sharing some tips on overcoming creative block:

1)  Take a break from your UFO.  Ok, if it is in your UFO, you have probably had a break, but if it's a relatively new project and you are stuck, give yourself permission to set it aside for a few days.  If you are like me, out of sight means out of mind, so if it is important for you to finish your UFO, make a note on your calendar of your follow up date, on the day you start your break! After your break, look at the object with fresh eyes and ask yourself what does it need or what is it missing.
2)  Get some new inspiration from a creative source like Pinterest, Houzz, your favorite challenge blog, your favorite artists blog, etc.  Visit a site, a store showroom, or a museum, or check out a book and look at similar projects if possible.  Ask yourself, what you love about the finished objects you see and if you can use any ideas from these artists to finish your project.  If you can't find a similar project, just review some favorite finished objects and ask your self what you love and can you incorporate it in your object. 
3)  Ask an expert or an artist whose style and taste you admire how they might solve your design dilemma. 
4)  Use a new gadget or tool to get it done.  Some artists are inspired by new gadgets or tools, so get out your newest tool and use it to inspire the finishing of your UFO!
Hope these tips help you with your creative challenges that keep you from finishing your UFO!  You can join the challenge in my Facebook group or using the InLinkz below. 

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