Sunday, October 23, 2016

UFO Challenge #43: Travel

As a long time Chicago Cubs fan, I just had to sneak this into today's post.  Congratulations on the National League Championship!  Go Cubs!

So, this week I am finally posting the 43rd challenge on Thursday and it's Travel Themed!   To enter the challenge, just pull out a UFO you are working on write a blog post, on your travel themed UFO, then post a link to your blog post below, or photo online.  And yes, I will accept a vacation plan for a trip on your bucket list!

I have deserted my UFO's this week to work on costumers for me and my co workers.  We have decided to be emojis for our Halloween parade.  Some of the request I got were for Cubs and Packer emojis.  Who knew there were such emojis?!  So, I printed some Cubs logos and tried the Cricut Snap Mat for cutting.

I was so excited about this feature, but did not find it accurate enough for this project. Pictured above is my finished logo cut with snap mat and below are the pre printed logos on the mat.  Some other comments on the snap mat, I was unable to move more than one of the circles on my mat to cut all four logos.  Since it did not center the image as I placed it, it all worked out.  I hope to play with this some more to determine if it is me or the Cricut DS that needs more tweaking.  I used an old ipad for the photo and will try this again with my newer Apple 6 phone.  I hope that the higher resolution photo will help!

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