Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Why Wednesday: 10 Reasons to Visit Our Scholastic Book Fair

Here are 10 reasons to visit the our North School Scholastic Book Fair BOGO Sale:

  1. BOGO Sale:  It's a Buy One Get One Sale.  Purchase one book or item and get another book or item at an equal or lesser price free!
  2. The Scholastic Book Fair App! 
    *Reading levels (SRC!, Lexile, GRL, DRA, AR)
    *Age and grade levels
    *Book summaries and prices
    *Videos, podcasts, awards
    *Recommended titles
    *Filter to refine search results
  3. Show your child you value books and reading!
  4. You miss your local book store!  Because this is a BOGO sale, we'll have books for all ages.
  5. Summer is coming!  Get your child books for the summer!  Set a reading goal like one book per week or month and shop the BOGO Sale.  One book a week sound like too much?  If your goal is to have them read 20 minutes a day, that means they should be able to read a book with 140 pages in one week.  Easy peasy that's one chapter book a week!
  6. Teacher Appreciation day is Tuesday, May 7, 2019.  Just next week, so shop for your teacher's gift at the BOGO Book Fair.
  7. Mother's Day is coming!  Sunday, May 12, 2019 is Mother's day.  The book fair will have more than just books:  tote bags, coffee mugs, cook books and more!
  8. Special Guests:   Join us for a visit from Dr. Karen Samonds from NIU, who works with National Geographic to find fossils in Madagascar. She’ll speak about her expeditions, share fossils and how finding fossils can teach us about when and where animals arrived and how they lived. Stop by the book fair to meet Dogman in person! Bring your entire family! 
  9. Make Reading Fun!  Today's child has many distractions from reading:  video games, smart phones, TV, youtube, etc.  Find ways to keep reading fun, by letting them choose their own books, taking them to book destinations like book fairs, libraries, and more!
  10. Good books!  You buy them good food and a variety of food to keep them eating well.  Think of reading the same way!  Keep them reading with good books, variety of books and once and awhile a desert book!

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