Sunday, July 26, 2009

The infectious iTop!

Just got my iTop; made by Imaginisce, from Oh My Crafts! I just knew it would be perfect for making fabric covered buttons to match my Cricut dust covers! So, when it arrived on Saturday (thanks for the quick ship OMC!), I ran out to JoAnns to get some self covered buttons. I chose the buttons that looked the most like those provided with my iTop Tool kit. Dritz Cover Button Refill (size 2.2 cm-same as brads in the kit). I fussy cut the fabric so that the flower would be in the center of the button, using the template in my kit. Use a glue dot to hold the fabric in place and it is to easy and professional looking!
Take a look at the pictures below. I am having some trouble moving these around on my blog as I am new to blogging so here is the order I will try and insert them in: my Cricut Create dust cover, a close of the fabric covered button, the base of the iTop brad and the Dritz button, the Dritz Cover Button Refill pack, and finally, the iTop. The brad base included in the kit is on the left and the Dritz button base on the right.

I have had some inquiries about Cricut Create dust covers and did find that the machine has different measurements across the top. The baby bug dust covers are too big, so I had to make a different pattern for the Create. A big thanks to my friend Memory for loaning me her machine for the creation, fitting and photo shoot! I wouldn't wear clothing that doesn't fit, so I believe you bug should have a good fit too!


  1. The is the prettiest Cricut Cover I have ever seen! I LOVE it!!

  2. How cute is that!!! -Great job!

  3. Do you see covers for the Cricut? It's so pretty. What a wonderful idea!




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