Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love Custom Orders!

Just finished a custom order for Michelle in MO. She already had a Cricut dust cover, but saw my scrapbags and wanted one to match her cover. So, she sent me the fabric and I made her bag to order. I so loved her blue fabric with the brown and green. I try to stick with the gallon, quart, pint rule of design when working with three colors.

I have fallen in love with brown lately. I like to quote, "Brown is the new black!" whenever I use it. It is so classic! I once heard that if you have more than three colors in an item, you should use black to anchor your item. I think brown works well too!

I added a ruffle for Michelle, to pull in the green fabric, she already has in her cover. Oh, my! I love the ruffle and will have to add this to all future bags. Maybe some pompom trim too! These scrapbags make me happy! You can just scrape the bits of paper off your Cricut matts into the scrapbag, or use it at crops and your in your scrap room. Sewers can use the weight as a pin cushion as well!

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