Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I won my first blog award! Thanks dtsarts!

So what I have to do is......

1) Link back to the person (Dardi at who sent me the award. Thanks so much Dardi!

2) Post where I would like to be in 10 years

3) Give this award to 10 awesome bloggers.

Where would I like to be in ten years? Well, as long as I am going to dream, I am going to give you my dream job in 10 years! I hope to work in the scrapbooking industry in a computer aided design job, more specifically, I would like to design cut images to be used on machines such as the Cricut. Before I stayed home with my children, I had a computer aided design job in the apparel product development industry. I worked for Sears as the System Support manager for their apparel product development department. We made flat sketches of all their apparel, to be sent overseas for pricing by manufacturers all over the world. We used a CAD system based in AutoCAD and a basic spreadsheet for calculating the measurements of the garments based on sizes. I developed the sketch and measurement databases, acted as a go between for the users and the software developers, trained over 50 employees and managed the software help desk. I love to create on the computer and scrap booking is my passion. So, my dream is to have a job in the industry in 10 years. In fact PC if you see this post, I do freelance work and can start now!

Now on to my ten award receipients. Oh, this is hard! There are so many bloggers, it is hard to choose just 10, so hopefully, I will have a chance to do this again.
1) Christine Middlecamp-She is the queen of layering and such a trend setter. I don't think she ever has a bad creating day. Everything she makes is beautiful and I love her sense of color!
2) Melissa Johnson-She is a Close to Me Heart Consultant and the queen of tips! When I want to know how to do something, she knows all the best methods! And a beautiful artist too! I am so glad to live so close to such talent!
3) Gerry Van Gent-She is a uber talented scrapbooker, who I just met on FB and has just begun to blog. I want to encourage her to keep sharing her beautiful work. It is so post worthy!
4) Carolyn at Cutting Time I love her work and her tutorials! I generous crafter who lives across the globe from me. She has been a Inkscape find for me!
5) Diane at Capadia I so admire Diane! She see things in the cartridges, and knows the software so well. She is the cornerstone to my DS knowledge.
6) Heather at the Finicky Frog. What beautiful things she makes! I love her sense of style and she has one of the few blogs I visit that is not scrapbook related!
7) Sara Fink at Crop Out Diabetes. Sara uses her love and knowledge of crafting for a great causes-Juvenile Diabetes Reseach! This is something I try and do, help others in some manner while I scrapbook with fundraisers, or food drives, etc.
8) Paulo at SCALe-files What to say about Paulo, other than if you cut svg files, you must visit and subscribe to this blog! What glam! I shall quickly run out of room for his files alone!
9) Amyee at A Southernbelle's has beautiful svg items I love to check out!
10) Monica at Monica's Creative Room. What can I say about Monica's files?! Beautiful, professional, available in so many formats, generously shared!


  1. Hi Clare, Thank you so much for the award, I am honoured. I have visited your links and they are wonderful.

  2. Clare you're such a sweetie! Thank you for the nomination, it really made my morning. I've just gotta say, I'm loving your new blog decor! Very Cricut-y :)

  3. Thank you for the award - sorry to be a bit slow in collecting it! You are sweet to give me such a nice compliment!



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