Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Color of Food!

Why is it every time I try and write a description for my latest Etsy item, the colors in the description are all food related? Is it just me? Perhaps, I was hungry. For example, in the cover above, I would describe the pink as watermelon, the brown as chocolate, and the green as lime. There is even a second pink in this fabric, I would call bubblegum.
I just finished these two items for a customer in Singapore. I am calling this an Etsy milestone, my first order to a country where the native language is not my own, in fact the alphabet is different too! So far, I have had orders from the US, Canada, Australia and Singapore. Now, if I could just make a treasury or the front page, what a happy girl I would be! Below, is a picture of the matching Cuttlebug cover. Here's hoping you find some time to enjoy some watermelon this summer!

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