Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cricut Spatual Tips and a New & Improved Scrapbag!

There is something about that Cricut Spatula that I find so appealing! I think it is sooo cute! I actually have 2, one for my scraping space at home and one in the crop tool tote. It is one of those tools I believe every scrapper should have two of. But I am forever losing it in my scrap room.
At bedtime last night, I was wondering how I might improve my scrapbag. It is my best seller at crops, but gets little notice at the Etsy shop. So, how to make it appealing to my online customers? Well, how about adding a place to hang your spatula? This way you will never lose it again! And if you don't use the Cricut, you can hang your scissors!

Here's my tip for cleaning your spatula: the Magic Eraser. I love my Magic eraser and realized that it would be the perfect thing for cleaning off my spatula with NO chemicals! Here is my dirty spatula before.
Just get it wet (as usuall) and scrub off the spatula. And here it is, all clean and new looking.


  1. Thanks for the tip Clare! I hope you revised scrapbag does well at crops and Etsy! :)

  2. Great idea . I have to get one of these. Hey on a side note, your title on your banner is missing the T.

  3. Thats a great idea to use the Magic Eraser on the spatula. I need to clean mine too.



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