Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Items to be Featured at Summer In Paris Retreat

I am so excited that I was asked to have some of my scrap bags for the flea market at the Summer in Paris Retreat! So, I have been sewing like a madwoman here. Korie, asked me for some Paris themed items and something in black and pink. Well, I checked my local shops and found the coordinating fabric to Korie's scrap bag.
It is also a Michael Miller Fabric, with dress forms! I also made a few with some Red and Black fabric I had with dress forms, dresses and great hats!
I found some pink and black in my stash, and wouldn't you know, it has the Cricut green! I made one up in green, just case the retreat has a Cricut fan!
All of the bags have the weight which hold them on your scraping table and can also be used as a pin cushion. The bag portion is removable (attached with velcro) for easy dumping and if desired washing. I have had these bags for sale at two crops and they are my best sellers. I have actually sold out of scrap bags before I finished setting up my booth. I hope they are well liked at the Summer in Paris Retreat! I wish I could be there, but it is a long way from Illinois! The price is fantastic and the classes look great! Thanks Korie!



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