Friday, January 14, 2011

Creating Rhinestone Templates with your Design Studio & Gypsy

I love rhinestones almost as much as I love scallops! And I would love for Provocraft to add the rhinestone tool to my Gypsy! Wouldn't you?! In fact I posted on the messge board, that I would like to start a petition for one! Maybe, you want to add your name? Here is the link.
Doxieluv's comment that I could do so by just adding my own circles got me thinking. Is there an easier way? And how can I get them spaced evenly? My answer; while I wait for the tool on my Gypsy, is use an image that already has scallops! Here are the steps:
1) I took a scalloped swirl from my Cindy Loo cartridge and placed it in Design Studio.
2) I selected my swirl and right clicked, I chose Hide Select Contour in Design Studio. For the Gypsy, I put the image on another layer and place the rhinestones with ease. Don't use the same page or layer as you will have difficulty picking up just your rhinestones and you don't actually want the orginal image to print or cut!

3) I created a circle a little bit smaller than the size of my rhinestone. I went smaller, because I wanted to use my pen and then cover the circle with the rhinestone. If you are cutting a template to use multiple times, then make your circle bigger than your rhinestone.

4) I copied and pasted the circle all along the image, manually placing it so that the center of my circle met the lowest point on my scallop. I place some more circles around the rest of the image too!
5) I loaded my pen in the blad housing clamp
6) Hit my Cut and the pen made circles where I needed my bling
7) Unload your marker before you unload your paper, to prevent more drag lines and then blinged it up!
Here are some fun things to try when applying your bling,
*graduate your bling size along the image. See how I used more than one size of rhinestone?
*cover up your dragging marker with more bling. My machine is old and well loved and sometimes drags when I use the marker. So, why not use this line as a design element?
*run out of bling? Use your Stickles! Can you see where I used stickles? Love this for those late night crafting sessions when I can't run out to shop for more! And what a great look for less!
On a side note, I have not figured out how to make my pictures bigger on Blogger. I would love to make them bigger and if you can tell me how, I would be so grateful!


  1. Many thanks for your nice comment and welcome as a reader on my blog! I am always very happy if other language readers come to visit! Please forgive my poor English you too! :-)

    Best wishes,

  2. I just found your blog and I love all your great ideas. I have become a follower. I want to utilize my gypsy more than I already do and I can see you will be very helpful in this quest :)



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