Thursday, January 6, 2011

Have you heard of

I love the site! It is so much more powerful than the search tool in either my Gypsy or my Cricut Design Studio Software! Here is an example of how powerful it is.
I did a search for "love" in my DS, result: One instance in MS All Occasion Cart.
If you click on the cartridge in DS it takes you to the cartridge, but NOT the image in the search.
I did a search for "love" in my Gypsy, result: Total number unknown and I got instances of any word with "love" in it. For example, clover and glove. Don't want these! No images are shown at the immediate query result, just words, so I have to scroll through their results and click on the words for the images I wish to see. I found it time consuming to go through the images to determine which carts I own.
I did a search for "love" at, result: 116 instances. And I can see the handbook page for each result. That means I can see the word and and black out image that matches my result! And, I can scroll and chose only the images for cartridges I own.
Some other things I love about is that I get the word I am searching for in other language and it is a wonderful way to pre-shop your cartridges. For example, "love" came up in Spanish and French! If you have an upcoming project, for example an 25th anniversary album, you can do a search or searches on all of the images and titles you wish to use in your project. Since you can see the images in the site, it is a wonderful way to determine what want before you buy! So, if you have not checked out the site, you will should!


  1. So glad you like our site, and thank you for sharing it with all of your readers! And a big thank you for pointing out that we can show you the word in different languages . . . I was wondering when people would discover that!

  2. I have never heard of this Clare, very cool! Thanks for the tip:)

  3. cool, thanks for the link! :) I have a blog award on my page for you! :)

  4. Very cool site! But today when I looked for hummingbird, it did not show me the Pagoda cricut so I don't think it's complete. It will definitely be the first place I look though!

  5. Very cool site! I shared it with my Cricut friends. I don't think their database is complete though coz I did a search on hummingbird and it didn't tell me there was on the Pagoda cartridge. It will definitely be the first place I go to though, when I need to search for something!

  6. I just happened to come across it today on a blog and I couldn't believe my eyes! It will definitely be a part of my crafting world that is for sure!!

  7. Wanted to let you know . . . we moved! We are not



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