Friday, August 28, 2009

Can't Scrap Just One Photo!

I have been scrapbooking now for over 10 years, and until last year, I never made an album with more than one page with only one photo on it. I take lots of pictures and all of them are valuable to me! Maybe it is because I have such a large family and I want to include everyone!
So, today I am sharing a method for including many photos on a two page spread. The pages I created here are from my sister's 40th birthday. She and her husband were blessed with a surprise baby after they had handed down or sold all of their baby items. So, when it came time for our traditional weekend away to celebrate big birthdays that I take with all of my six sisters, we conspired to throw her a birthday party and surprise baby shower.
My method to scrap all of these photos: a matchbook mini-album! I took the mini-album provided by my photo developer and cut off the ugly plastic cover. I then created a matchbook cover and attached my photos; in the mini-album sleeves, with eyelets. I love the look of a prize ribbon, and have made them using flowers or circles and ribbons. Once I had glued everything, I inserted the page into my page cover and carefully, cut my 12 x 12 page protector so that the minialbum could be viewed.
I used the m & m ribbon left over from a Christmas candy gift, because my sisters and I, all have the first name Mary, and it just seemed to go with that! We all use our middle names, because of course, Mom's name was Mary too!
The first photo is the first page in the 2 page spread, the second photo is a close up of the minialbum, the third photo is the whole page and the fourth photo is the mini album opened up. My page title was Fabulous @ 40 and I thought it called for a bit of bling!

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  1. Wow, this looks totally fabulous! Are you saying there is a little album on your big 12 x 12 page? That is genius. You forgot to mention I am your LITTLE sister :) And you didn't share how you got me to tell you everything I would need so you could garage sale for me - then had everyone shop from the list. I was never so surpised in my life....or so touched.



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