Thursday, August 20, 2009

Letterman List Inspiration from my Chicago Tribune

I saw this graphic in my Tribune in 2008 and took a picture to put in the scrapbooking inspiration file. A few weeks ago I came across it while browsing my photos and decided I needed a cut file. I had orginally hoped to use the idea in my planner with my 2008 goals, but it would be great for a "Letterman list" or a page with a child's pictures ages one to 10.
I want to use it to scrapbook some photos I have on my brothers and sisters...but I have issues with my first draft. It bothers me that the photos I have are not of my siblings at the same age, that they are not the same size, and that I do not know their ages in the pictures I do have. With 6 sisters and 4 brothers, I am lucky to have any photos! We broke up the lot when my Mom passed away, I am not sure how many portraits my Mom's budget allowed for with 11 children, and I am not sure my siblings know their ages in these photos! I like the idea of using the Basic Grey paper with the grid and journaling about my family though!

I thought about sharing this file, but there are so many objects in the file that would require you Hide Select Contour! If you think it worth your trouble, drop me a note or a comment with your email address and I will send it! One of these days I will learn inkscape and make a file in SCAL that is more managable! Oh, how I wish there was a inkscape guru; in Northern IL, who could hold a class for my scrapbooking guild!

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  1. The cartridges required for this cut file are: George Basic Shapes, Base Camp, Storybook, Plantin Schoolbook, Alphalicious, Doodletype, and Opposites Attract. If you only have one Jukebox plug one cartridge into the back of the Jukebox. This would go where the next Jukebox would be hooked up.



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