Thursday, August 6, 2009

Congratulations Tammy Tadd Designs!

Just wanted to say congratulations to Tammy Tadd Designs on their selection as one of the top 10 quilt Stores by Quilt Sampler Magazine. This is my favorite store! In fact, I can thank Tammy Tadd for getting me sewing, making patterns and supporting my fabric and paper crafting habits! You can find more info on Tammy Tadd Designs here. This store is worth a trip!
The staff is wonderful there and so helpful! Last week I called to see if they carried some fabric I wanted, and they let me know they did not carry it, but told me where to find it ON SALE! How's that for customer service?! So, I'm heading back to Tammy Tadd today to find something to match it! Oh, and while I did buy two fabrics from another vendor, I will be looking for 6 fabrics to match mine at TTD!
On a side note, I took my five year old with me and set him up in the children's section in the back. He picked up the play iron and tried to answer it. I own two irons and use them regularly to sew, but never on clothing! Since I do my work while the boys sleep, he had never seen me iron. I think the women shopping that day had a good laugh!

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  1. too funny, my little Cents didn't know what the board and iron with her doll house was for either. Remember when you little guy thought our cottage should have an iron? Still laughing at that one.



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