Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Opportunity to Embellish!

I am a glass is half full person, so when I have a problem or make a mistake crafting, I consider them opportunities to embellish! The crafting budget dwindles as the year passes, so I was determined to use up the stash of fabric for my next covers. I started a baby bug cover using the Lollipop line and realized I did not have enough fabric for my side pieces. So, off to the fabric store with fabric to match in hand. And when I got home, it did not match! You see, they had different light bulbs then I did at home. So, an opportunity to embellish was born. I decided to add side pockets with some fabric I had used in the body and knew would match. I did not have enough of the orignal fabric to make a whole side piece, hence the pockets. Hope my client likes the idea, she could use them to hold her cartridges or tools.
Yesterday was declared UFO (Un Finished Objects) and I finished up several items. So happy to finish projects! It is one of the things I miss being a SAHM. The cooking, cleaning, and laundry are never done. See the finished baby bug cover and a scrapbag below.


  1. Both are just them...and the pockets are very cute...



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