Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why the Buzz about the Bags?!

My friends Tina and Julie saw the scrap bags I was making for scrapbookers and insisted that I add these to my line. They are actually my biggest seller at crops. But why the buzz about the bags? Well here are some reasons, I think they are well loved:
1) They're Pretty! Well I shop Tammy Tadd, and she has a great eye for fabric. Won't you be the prettiest cropper! Have you found them anywhere else with ruffles?
2) They're green, you trading in your plastic grocery bags for fabric. Now trade in your plastic bags taped to the table at the crop and at home for something green! I found I no longer had enough plastic bags for cropping anyway.
3) They're great for scraping off your cricut matts. While the opening is generous enough for the 6 x 12 matt to fit in, I felt making the opening big enough for the 12 x 12 matt might we too big and cumbersome. So, just scrape off half the 12 x 12 matt at a time. I love how quick and easy it is to clean off my matt!

4) They're washable! I use velcro to attach the bag portion, so if you need to wash the bag you can.
5) They're easy to empty! Just remove the bag and turn inside out over the garbage.
6) If you sew, the weight doubles as a pin cushion.
7) These bags are great for all scrapbookers, with and with out Cricuts!
I actually had a TAC (The Angel Company) consultant buy 6 of these for her stamp camps. Thanks Pat!

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